A Little Social Media Education Goes A Long Way

Jeremiah Owyang has another research report out about the readiness and abilities of companies to deal with social media crisis.

The full report and slides are embedded below. I won’t go through an extensive review of the report because you will find a lot of commentary on the report at all the usual places but here was my key takeaway:

Educate and empower your employees or else!

The Altimeter report shows that companies that have strong social media policies in place, an internal staff, employee education and then empowers their staff to engage in social media actually have fewer crisis and are able to diminish the effects of the crisis that do happen. A little education goes a long way here. This is typically managed by a cross discipline Center of Excellence.

The other point I’d make is that the report calls out that companies need “after-hours” monitoring in place, I’d go beyond just after hours but for global brands point out that you need global monitoring, what is often called a “follow the sun” strategy. The Web never sleeps.

Social Readiness: How Advanced Companies Prepare

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