About Jeremy Meyers

Jeremy Meyers is the founder and lead producer of Deeper Context, a non-fiction story development outfit that reveals and explores the human themes within brands for the benefit of those who honor us with their attention. He blogs about this, podcasts, music, life and other random geekery at JeremyMeyers.com.

Make it easy for other people to honestly spread good things about your impact on their lives.


[inspired, once again, by the lovely and talented Tamsen McMahon] That’s all this whole thing is about.  All the Facebook, Twitter, Online Content, Blogging, Offline Networking, Engagement, Authenticity and all the other buzzword crap. True success in the world comes from making it easy for other people to honestly spread … Continue reading

When it’s broken, don’t tell me you’re happy I bought it, FIX it. : A rant.

Here’s why 90% of “social media” used by business is frustrating, ultimately ineffectual talk that many times feels ‘hollow’ and unfulfilling. When someone tweets about a problem they have with your product, that is not a communications problem. That is a product problem. When someone ‘likes’ you on Facebook, that … Continue reading