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Now, here’s how it works. We do listen to all feedbacks, comments and suggestions people send in. However, we do have a priority system. If we notice that we keep getting the same feedback regarding a specific set of problems over and over gain, chances are, we will probably focus on that problem first. We probably will line up all our firepower to knock out that issue first before doing anything else. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that just because the concerns you raised haven’t been raised by other people that we will not get to it. We will, it’s just only a matter of time. Please don’t get discouraged if your suggestion somehow feels like it fell on deaf ears.

We are always listening. We care about all feedbacks we get.

This website, as you can tell, is very huge. We’ve really bent over backwards filling in as many different sections of this website. In fact, when we were putting together the plan for this website, we quickly realized that social media marketing is very very deep. It is now one of those subjects that are an inch wide and ten miles deep. Instead, social media marketing, at least in its current form, is one hundred miles wide and ten thousand miles deep. You literally will never run out of things to talk about. That’s how exhaustedly huge social media marketing is. It’s as if you drop into some sort of rabbit hole. The moment you talk about a category, it leads to subcategories, which lead to other subcategories. If this sounds familiar, it should. After all, social media works in a similar way. When a person joins a social media platform, they usually recruit their friends. Those friends, then recruit other friends. This way, when somebody posts and shares content on their Facebook wall, their friends would see it. If one of their friends shares that information, friends of friends would see that and on and on it goes. I hope you can see why social media marketing is so lucrative. It has an exponential effect. If you’re interested in something, there’s a chance that your friend is interested in it too. If they’re interested in something, there’s a chance that their friend is interested and on and on it goes. Birds of the same feather, after all, flock together. Do you see how this works?

This is why social media marketing should not be an option for your company. In fact, it should be high on the list. Not only are you able to communicate directly with your prospective or existing customer base, but you get lots of high quality information that you can then use to make strategic decisions regarding your company’s growth. That best part of all of this is that you don’t have to pay a high-priced consultant for this information and buy really expensive and sophisticated software to get access to this data. Given the importance of the content that we’re sharing here. As you can well imagine, there’s a lot of stuff on this website. Unfortunately, just like any other website that has a lot of pages, the links between these pages may not be all that good. I’m not saying that this website is really badly put together. I’m not saying that at all. I hope we don’t get that impression. Instead, I’m saying that we packed so much information here that there may be bald or thin spots. If you notice that we talk about a certain topic and then it’s kind of being complete in certain areas, do let us know. Because we know that we’re not really communicating the value that we set up to communicate if our content is formatted that way. Similarly, if you click one link and it goes to a dead end or returns some sort of error, speak up. We would like to know where that weak spots of this website are so we can make sure that people get the info that they are looking for at the time that they need it.