How important is ejuice choice to your lifestyle?

How important is ejuice choice to your lifestyle?

How important is ejuice choice to your lifestyle?

The interesting thing about a vaping lifestyle is that it’s easy to just sweep all differences under the rug as a simple matter of preference. It’s very simple to look at somebody’s choice or color of shoes and clothing style as essentially just coming out of their personal background that if you come from a certain background, you tend to make certain decisions and while to some extent this is accurate, it really reduces people’s individuality because we are ultimately a product, not just of time, space and circumstance, but also of our own choices.


It’s our choices and, more importantly, the neural connections our mind makes when we absorb new information, that make us truly distinct. We are, to a certain extent, learning organisms. When we are aware of this, everything else makes sense. When you look at somebody the way they dress, the way they wear their hair, their choice of cologne or anything else about them that you can perceive with all your five senses, you actually see a manifestation of their inner life.


This is very hard to hide. The way you look, the way you carry yourself are all manifestations of your values. While your parents can have a profound impact, ultimately, it’s your choice and your call and this is in full display. This is why it’s really important to understand lifestyle from this perspective.


Lifestyle is not just one of those neat labels that people throw around and doesn’t really mean much. It’s not some sort of catch all phrase that supposedly categorize all that’s going on about you with the understanding that all these things are simply automatic by nature. It doesn’t work that way.


If anything, lifestyle is a choice. It may not be a conscious choice on your part on an item per item basis, but everything about you at many different levels indicate choices that you either consciously made or habitual choices that seem automatic. It may be a part of your context, your culture or your circumstances, but you keep going back to those choices again and again.


The reason why I raise this is because you have to be mindful of whatever choices you have to make sure that it truly lines up with the lifestyle you consciously choose for yourself. In other words, life is a big choice. It’s a collection of choices that layer on top of each other then in of themselves produce a web or a network of consequences.


Again, the way you look, the way you talk, what you choose to believe in, all of these add up to values and these values impact and shape your lifestyle. This is not just one of those things that are automatic or is the outward working of some sort of accident of birth or circumstance. These are all choices.


That’s why when you focus on one thing that seems trivial like your choice of vape juice, you can start unraveling how your lifestyle comes about. You can start picking apart the complicated web of decisions and how these lead to values.


When you’re able to do that, you would actually be able to take more control of your life. To reduce this to some sort of bumper sticker as a slogan, take control of your values and you take control of your life. If you are frustrated, insecure or disappointed in any way with any part of your life, look at what they relate or come back to. What kind of choices made them possible.


Once you are able to see the connection, you can start believing in other values which can then trigger different choices which can lead you to a different life. I hope this much is clear because it may seem at a certain level that the best ejuice on doesn’t really make much of a difference and it may seem quite shallow. But it actually speaks to a deeper reality. A complicated and vast network of choices that you make on a moment by moment basis.


Start changing even a small amount of this and this can have a cascade effect that can actually take your life to a whole other level. It can be positive or negative, but it really all boils down to how you choose. Never ever allow yourself to be blind to this tremendous store of personal power.


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