How to Loose a Blog Contest

Challenge 65 professional content creators.

When I joined Waggener Edstrom The Thinkers and Doers blog was averaging 1 to 2 posts a week (YTD). Not horrid by company blog standards but not acceptable to me.

The biggest reason I wanted to motivate more blogging was not to drive more hits and page views or to have a popular blog, it was to ingrain in everyone the power of the medium.

Everyone here at Studio D “gets” how important it is conceptually. But I wanted everyone to have had the experience of blogging. So I challenged everyone that I could blog more than all the rest of Studio D combined. I honestly hope I loose this contest but that doesn’t mean I’m going out without a fight.

Studio D is the content producers at WaggEd. Copy writers, videographers, programmers, editors, etc. They have proven worthy opponents.

I’ve resorted to cross posting and repurposing posts from this blog (like I’m sure to do with this one) and with just a few days left I’ll be resorting to a series of shorter link posts.

Not counting this post I’m writing now, how does it stand to date?

Tac – 10
Studio D – 20

But I still have 5 days left. Let’s see if I can come from behind.

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