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News has always been social. News has always been a conversation starter. We know this, it’s why we focus on story telling and relationships. The fun part is how those conversations manifest themselves online.

Arianna Huffington has a guest post -The Future of News Will Be Social | Facebook – on the Facebook blog talking about how the Huffington post is deploying Facebook Connect to launch a whole new product – HuffPost Social News.

Where the Huffington Post is leveraging the Facebook API (Application Programmer Interface) to harness the conversations on Facebook, the NPR is opening their own API to let people pull from their rich database of content.
NPR Opens 80,000 Transcripts via New Transcript API

What does all of this mean to you? If PR is about telling great stories and building relationships, the next evolution of the PR professional doing all of that in a digital environment. Study: New PR Hires Must Blog, Tweet, Use SocNets – MarketingVOX. One key finding I’ll highlight:

Among those responsible for hiring PR and marketing employees, 82% of respondents say mainstream media relations expertise is either important or very important, while more than 80% say knowledge of social networks is either important or very important.

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