The best way to do social media marketing

The best way to do social media marketing

The best way to do social media marketing

Just like anything else in life, there are four ways to do things. You can do things the easy, hard, smart and dumb way. It should not come as a surprise that doing things the dumb way is usually doing things the hard way. They do tend to go hand in hand. They’re kind of like Siamese twins if you think about it. Because when you do things the dumb way, you just make things harder on yourself. Maybe, you’d have to spend a lot more money to fix your mistakes and time trying to figure out what went wrong. Whatever the case may be, when you choose to do things the wrong way, you usually end up doing things the dumb way. This is why it’s really important, when it comes to something as complicated and possibly expensive as social media marketing, to do things the easy and smart way. Again, just like with dumb and hard, these go hand in hand.

How do you do this? The first thing you need to do is to tap the power of reverse-engineering. Believe it or not, there are competitors on social media platforms that are enjoying the kind of success you’re dreaming of. They’re already living the life, making a lot of money and pumping a tremendous amount of traffic to their target website. The good news is that if they can do it, you can do it too.

I’m not just saying that to pump you out and get you excited. I’m saying it because it’s absolutely true. The first step to doing that, of course, is to pay attention to them. Look at what they’re doing. What kind of content are they sharing? What kind of engagement are they focusing on? How do they present themselves to their target audience members? Think along this line of questioning. This is how you should analyze your competitors so you can come up with the data you need to start replicating their success. Once you know that they are sending a specific type or range of content, then you should look for that type of content and share it with your audiences on social media platforms.

The good news here is that you don’t have to share your own original content. That would be very expensive. You probably would end up shooting yourself in the foot if you do that. Instead, look for non-competitors or authoritative sources of content that deal with the same themes and topics your competitors are focused on.

Run those pieces of content. Pick out the winners. Find materials that are similar. Run that material again. Replicate your success. Once you notice that a specific type of content produces the same level of success time and time again, then you should come up with your own version. This version then positions your brand, pulls or vacuums traffic from social media platforms and pumps them to your target website. That’s how you do social media marketing. It’s not a rocket science nor is it brain surgery. You just have to detect patterns, know your competitors and focus on the value, whatever it is you are promoting brings to the table.

If you become blind to any this, then it is going to be very easy for you to drop the ball. Seriously, you’re just going to be clueless as to how to talk to your audience members and how to appeal to them. You have to understand that most people do not have the luxury of time. Everybody’s in a hurry. People don’t really have the patience and motivation to wait for you to demonstrate your value. You have to make the right first impression. In fact, in many cases, people don’t even give you the chance to generate a first impression. That’s how bad and competitive things are in today’s social media marketing landscape.

You cannot afford to drop the ball. This is why you have to reverse-engineer your competitors. Find the very best that’s out there and use those materials to gain a certain level of credibility that will enable you to get the data set you need to come up with a systematic and methodical way to brand your website on social media. That’s how you play the game. Otherwise, you’re just playing the game to lose. I know that sounds harsh, but it’s also the truth.


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