The Power of Doing

A quick follow up post to my last post: The Discipline To Do. Fred Wilson just posted about the #OWS movement and reading it helped me vocalize the thoughts I’ve had about the whole thing. I left this comment in reply to Fred’s post:

I too was glad when they started protesting, because at least they were doing something. I hope that they don’t think that’s the end though. I hope they realize that no amount of legislation or change will give them their jobs back. I’m glad they’re fed up. Now I just hope they’ll do something about it. I’m glad they’re voicing their unhappiness, now I hope they see that it’s in their power to fix.

I personally don’t care much for politics. I actually hate it. I don’t agree with everything from #OWS and I think some of the fringe groups are just plain crazy, but the crazies are always there.

I don’t hate government, and I don’t hate corporations. I hate greed and power-mongering and I think they’re the ugliest in business and government. But I believe that if you don’t like something you should work to change it.

And I do believe that anyone can change the things they don’t like. It’s not easy and it’s not always quick and for that I’d point you back to my last post.

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