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Star Wars Lego on TumblrThis is my weekly roundup of the best links I’ve shared on the New Comm Biz Lite Tumblr site.  All of those links show up on FacebookTwitter and in the stream to the left hand side of the blog here. But they don’t show up in the RSS feed and with so many links, you may miss something of interest. So ever Sunday I’m posting my favorite 10 links. If you want to know more abouthow I’m now using Tumblr you can see this post.

1 – I Love That Business is Global and Multicultural

I love that business is truly global and multi-cultural. at Camps Bay, Cape Town, ZA by tacanderson

2 - This is innovation. This is how you innovate in a boring, crowded space.

Read this article.

Xero Reinvents Accounting For Small Businesses, With Superb UI Design

3 - Google Hiring Augmented-Reality Experts Amid Rumors of HUD Glasses

I’ve been obsessed with wearable computing lately. If you want a relatively realistic way that AR glasses could be implemented (in the future) read @timmaughan’s awesome collection of short stories titled, Paintwork.

4 - Is AdWeek’s Women Entrepreneur Issue Biased?

It’s interesting that all of these companies are media, marketing or shopping startups, with the exception of the finance startup (there’s a joke there about shopping and finance I’m sure).

I wonder if that’s a bias of female entrepreneurs or a bias of AdWeek and the kind of startups they’re more likely to be interested in?

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with media or shopping startups. Yahoo started off as a media company and many argue Google, Facebook and Twitter are just media companies. I’m also glad to see more women in marketing startups. And as far as shopping sites go, I only have one word: Amazon.

But do these results seem skewed, or is it just me?

5 - Sharing Ideas at Work – Make room for the crazy ones.

This last bit of the interview reminded me of Bo Peabody’s book,Lucky Or Smart?: Fifty Pages for the First-Time Entrepreneur. In it he says you need to hire the freaks and the reality show rejects. One partner told me he finally understood my role batter after reading that.

I took offense to the reality show part, freak I was fine with.

6 - Tipping Point: Smartphone Owners Now Outnumber Other Mobile Users In The U.S.

Smartphone Owners Now Outnumber Other Mobile Users In The U.S.

7 - Raspberry Pi

Here’s the comment I left On Fred’s blog:

I’ve been following Raspberry Pi for a while and am excited to see it’s development. I’m currently reading this as I visit our office in Johannesburg, ZA and what excites me the most about this is the potential not just for developing world penetration but developing world innovation. Most PC’s here are cheap and subsidized even cheaper by Microsoft and manufacturers like HP & Dell, which is great but it locks the tech community into a western mindset. What happens when local entrepreneurs can innovate with a blank slate. Ubuntu, the ZA local hero, is one example but is just a copy of the western metaphor.

I can tell you Africa is loaded with eager entrepreneurs that don’t have the same fear of failure you experience in Europe and Asia. I think developments like this will unlock innovation we can’t imagine.

8 - When Will Music’s Celestial Jukebox Go Mainstream?

It’s inevitable. The amount of CD’s I’ve purchased last year, for myself or my family was 3. I used to purchase dozens of albums a year. Some of that’s my age and stage in life, but I bet far more of that is due to services like Spotify and Pandora.

9 - Buddy Media CEO Mike Lazerow on the Future of Paid Social, F-Commerce and the Company’s Second Acquisition

Buddy Media is killing it. They entered the market at the perfect right time and have developed a great product (from what I hear) that solves a real problem for their clients (mostly ad agencies and internal ad groups). Wildfire is another company doing well in this space. These companies will have astronomical valuations very soon.

10 - Digital Anthropology Group: Applied Practice vs Academic Discipline

Some of you may know that I’m a fan of digital anthropology. A great blog to follow if you don’t is Savage Minds. On Savage Minds, Matt Thompson has valiantly proposed to start a Digital Anthropology group. But the question of whether to start this as an AAA (Anthro Assoc of America) group or not has come up.

I have some issues and a lot of respect for academic anthropology but here’s my comment I left:

I think it comes down to whether you want to be able to leverage AAA resources and change the AAA from the inside and develop Digital Anthropology as an academic discipline, or do you want to develop Digital Anthropology as a practice?

Let’s be honest, most of the community here are academics (and that’s a good thing) but much of the motivation for academics is validation in the eyes of their fellow academics. Myself  and others here, don’t care so much about the validity of Digital Anthropology within academia because we’re out doing it, whether academics believe it’s a discipline or not.

Now, I say that being a little bit provocative because I do know and appreciate that having a stronger academic discipline, provides better educated and trained students that people like me can employ.

For me, if this becomes an AAA group then I’ll follow along on your blog and mostly watch from the sidelines, which will be the case for most non AAA members. If this is a non-AAA group then I’d be willing to bet you’ll get a broader (some may argue richer) level of participation from outside academia.

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