TV will give up more ground to the Web in 2008

FORTUNE: Techland Online TV at the tipping point Annotated

I think 2008 will be a big year for internet TV. The writers strike should help independent internet only video cross the chasm. Since the networks won’t be able to do their big ‘up front’ pre-buy, the ad dollars will be moving online. The big shift will come after some traditional TV writers and actors to cross over. Look for some young up and comers to take a chance in order to make a name for themselves.Chas also has a follow up post. - post by tacanderson

Is Net-based TV ready for its close-up? Television ratings are already starting to plummet, the ongoing writers strike shows no signs of ending, and the development schedule for next year’s programming is looking increasingly dicey. While one report suggests that ex-TV watchers are turning to books and magazines, some folks in the nascent Internet TV business say they’re enjoying a sudden uptick in audience.

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