What comes next? Part 1: Are you ready?

80% Social Media Adoption

80% Social Media Adoption

With social media now at 80% adoption in the US are you ready for what’s about to come? Are you really ready?

Are you new(ish) to social media and just starting to figure it out? You’re now an “expert” in your organization. You’d better start putting together that comprehensive social media strategy complete with tactics and ROI.

Are you already doing social media as part of your job? Get ready to exclusively focus on it. Complete with proof points and case studies demonstrating your success up to this point.

Are you a social media professional? Are you busy beyond what you’d ever expect? Figure out how to give up sleep and any semblance of a personal life. Things are about to get crazy.

One of two things are going to happen with the economy:

  1. Things are going to get worse causing companies to continue to cut traditional marketing and increasing their spend in social media.
  2. The economy will recover, accelerating the flow of money from traditional to social.

Either way the next 5 years are going to be defined by the new levels of social media investment.

So what should you do today? Put together that plan for your company. Even if they aren’t asking yet, put one together for no other reason than you’ve thought about all of the unique problems your organization will face.

Not sure how to put that plan together? Get some help.

Done a few things but don’t really have the proof points you’d like? Put together what you have. Combine your case studies from others in your company. What have you learned? What would you do differently? Find external case studies that back up your efforts. Get creative? What were ALL the results, intended or not?

Lastly, have all of that but you’re taped out? There are no more hours in a day. You can’t talk to everyone.

Document the process!!!

You need to replicate what you did in a detailed step by step process so anyone can do it. You will not be able to do all the social media for your company. Like you’ve been preaching, “you can’t keep control”.

This is probably the hardest of all the steps. Documenting the process of what comes natural to some of us is painful. It’s not natural. And you don’t have the time to do it. Get help if you need it. And get it now.

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