When it’s broken, don’t tell me you’re happy I bought it, FIX it. : A rant.

Here’s why 90% of “social media” used by business is frustrating, ultimately ineffectual talk that many times feels ‘hollow’ and unfulfilling.

When someone tweets about a problem they have with your product, that is not a communications problem.

That is a product problem.

When someone ‘likes’ you on Facebook, that doesn’t mean they want to be engaged with according to some set of internal guidelines.

It means they like something about what you’re doing enough to click one button, once.

When someone watches your video, that doesn’t mean they are interested in location-based and demographically appropriate ads based on the data Google has about them. It also doesn’t mean that they want to check out your website or sign up to your newsletter to find out the latest and greatest offers.

It means someone sent them a link that they clicked through and watched while they were doing other things. Maybe.

If a marketing person, a PR person or a social media expert tells you that a product problem has a communications solution, that ‘likes’ are a measure of individual interest or that targeted ads will get your product seen by people who are actively interested in buying it, they are either wrong, lying to you or sugar-coating the real issue so as to not create the change that is needed.

The real issue is: Suck less.

[inspired by @thejordanrules' excellent "Why PR is ruining social media", which elaborates on the first point much more eloquently than I have here.]

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