Why I’m Boycotting GoDaddy: SOPA is Wrong And So Is Supporting It.

I’ve never considered myself an activist. I’m actually your prototypical Gen Xer. If I don’t like something I’ll complain a little but then I’ll just go and do my own thing (this is partly why I’ve never stayed at any job for longer than 3 years). I don’t even use my personal social media platforms, like this blog, my Twitter account or Facebook to complain very often. In fact I just went through 5 months of AT&T screwing up my bill and sending me to collections even though it was all their fault, without ever once “taking it the tweets” as it were – they finally fixed it.  But this time things are different. After 5 years of being a GoDaddy customer, I’m transferring my 20+ domains to Namecheap. Here’s a step-by-step guide how to.

Why is this slacker Gen Xer finally doing something? I’m not leaving GoDaddy because I hate their ads so much (which I do). I’m not leaving GoDaddy because their CEO, Bob Parsons, is an arrogant elephant killer (which he is). I’m not leaving because GoDaddy makes it very difficult to leave their service (which they do). I’m leaving because of their support of the Stop Online Piracy Act #SOPA. #SOPASucks

I’m not upset that they want to stop online piracy. While I was an eager user of the original Napster, back in college, I don’t download pirated content anymore. I have no problem paying for something I want. If I don’t like the price, I don’t need the product. But the current bill is not the right bill and GoDaddy should realize this. The current SOPA proposal gives the US government too much power and while it sounds good and seems harmless, so did the Patriot Act.

I also don’t really resent the big media companies from supporting SOPA. They’re large, blind, ignorant and acting in their own self interest. They’re behaving exactly as I would expect them to. I don’t like it, but they have the right to act in their businesses best interest. By boycotting GoDaddy, I’m trying to send a message to them and to all other Internet companies that this bill is not in their best interest.

So I’m joining the #BoycottGoDaddy movement and moving all of my domain names over to Namecheap (affiliate link). I know this won’t really persuade GoDaddy to do anything. In the grand scheme of things my 20+ domain names doesn’t mean much to them. But as a customer the only power I have here is to vote with my wallet, so that’s what I’m doing.

If you believe as I do that the SOPA bill is wrong and you have domain names on GoDaddy, I encourage you to join me.

[UPDATE] GoDaddy has reversed there stance on SOPA. What do you know, boycott’s work.

[UPDATE 2] GoDaddy’s still bleeding customers and it looks like they may not have changed their stance “officially” with congress:

Oh, and by the way Go Daddy…we know that you’re exempt from SOPA, and that you haven’t even officially changed your stance with Congress.

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