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Someone asked me yesterday to share with them where I get my news from. What feeds did I subscribe to and who did I follow on Twitter. Well I subscribe to 401 blog feeds and follow 3500+ people on Twitter and each source was manually added by me over the last 3+ years. I’ve worked my way up to where I am and I don’t recommend anyone try and get to where I’m at from a stand still.

So here is a list of my recommendations as to where everyone should start. For many of you this may to basic, if so pass it onto your friends who are just getting started.

  • First off if you’re not using Google Reader you need to. There is no better feed reader out there right now.
  • I believe social bookmarking is a basic tool everyone in this space should be a  using. Go sign up for Diigo right now. I prefer it over Delicious (but that will work too).
  • Next, sign up for Posterous if you aren’t blogging yet and start using it.

Now for the feeds. Visit each link and add each site to your feed reader.

The People

These are the people that are pioneering this space. Read each and every blog they post. I’m happy to report that I’ve met all of these guys in real life, except Peter Kim (but we’ve talked on the phone so that’s almost the same), and they’re all genuine, smart and all around good guys.

  1. Marshallk Marshall Kirkpatrick is the VP at ReadWrite Web and one of the best new journalists out there, IHMO.
  2. ChasNote Chas Edwards was co-founder or Federated Media but has moved on to Digg and covers the digital advertising space.
  3. Web-Strategist Jeremiah Owyang is probably best known for his work at Forrester and is now a partner at the Altimeter Group.
  4. Louis Gray is a prolific geek blogger and probably one of the more consistent bloggers on this list.
  5. BattelleMedia John Battelle the founder of Federated Media, author of the Search and a really smart guy.
  6. Steve Rubel recently gave up blogging for life streaming and besides being a smart digital PR guy he has tons of tips and tricks that will make your life better.
  7. BeingPeterKim Peter Kim, also from Forrester and now with the Dachis Group is one of the leader taking social into the next phase of business.
  8. Mike Manuel is one of the hardest working PR people in this space and sadly doesn’t blog nearly enough but it’s worth subscribing to his feed for when he does.
  9. Scobleizer Robert Scoble, love him or hate him, he is a force unto himself.
  10. Global Neighborhoods Shel Israel, is co-author of Naked Conversations (along with Robert) and recent author of Twitterville.

Bonus Homework. Each of these blogger is on Twitter and instead of making it easy for you as you subscribe to each of their blogs also find the link to their Twitter account and follow them.

The Tech Blogs

This is the source of news for our industry. These blogs all post at considerable volumes. You don’t have to read every post. Try to at least skim their headlines but if you fall behind just mark them all as read and move on,

  1. ReadWrite Web My personal favorite tech blog. Unlike many bloggers they consider themselves journalists and the post with that level of quality.
  2. TechCrunch The grand daddy tech blog but is a business not journalists.
  3. Mashable the current leader in site traffic but is a more geared towards social media marketers as much as the tech crowd.
  4. GigaOm doesn’t often get the credit that these first three do but is right up there in traffic and quality.
  5. Venture Beat has always been a  little more focused on the money side of the equation but is really steering more into main stream waters lately.
  6. Gizmodo is high volume, pure geek, tech and WTF. Don’t even try and read every post.
  7. Engadget more tech than you could ever handle.
  8. PaidContent The content side of the business and one of my favorites.
  9. The Next Web social tech geek from across the pond.
  10. TechDirt all this overlap in tech content and social ends up with a lot of stepped on toes. TechDirt is the best source for the legal/business side of all this. I promise it’s better than I made it sound.

That’s probably enough for now. Are there any must read blogs I didn’t cover? Leave a link in the comments.

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  • jillanderson
  • tacanderson

    Both worthy additions. Thanks

  • Caretaker

    You new to this stuff aren't you?

    No other feed reader than Google Reader?

    Prefer Diigo over delicious?

    It shows.

  • tacanderson


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  • Peter Kim

    Thanks for the mention, Tac. You know, I just never get out to Idaho much… :)

  • tacanderson

    That's ok Peter, I'm now in Seattle :) Make it out here any more often?

    On Wednesday, September 30, 2009, Disqus

  • Mike Manuel

    i'll stop working to say thanks, tac;)

  • tacanderson

    Mike, I'm honored you came up for air long enough to comment.

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