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Becoming a T-Shaped Polymath

Specialization is one of the cornerstones of a productive capitalist market. Over the last two decades the level of specialization continues to increase at an insane level. No project is too small to be broken up, no field is too niche to have multiple specialties. Managers and HP professionals have been debating how much further [...]

Living In The Future Is Hard

It’s my job to live in the future. Not only am I an early adopter, which means putting up with buggy tech, changing features, and canceled services you grow to love. That can be tough. It’s fun but frustrating. But that’s not the problem. It’s not even really part of my job, but it does [...]

An Open Letter To Anthropology Students From The Business World

Dear anthropology student, Thank you from taking time away from your studies and reading Anthropology Major Fox. I write to you to offer some advice. Many of you have dreams of working at universities and museums or out in “the field” studying exotic cultures. Instead I’d like to recommend you look for a job in [...]

Your Only Job Is To Learn How To Learn

Learning is life, it’s not something you just do in school. Children are amazing learners and sadly it’s something we forget how to do. Adults are always talking about the need to change. Children don’t ever have to change because they’re perpetually learning. I’ve gotten so comfortable with change that for a long time I [...]

Learn To Make Stuff Or Make Stuff Happen

This is a summary of a response from an analyst to a question on what they see happening over the next year in the social media space: The companies (agencies) who will succeed over the next two years are the ones that make stuff and do things, not the ones who just talk and plan or consult. [...]

Employees Need Structure, Innovation Does Not

I’m not really a structure or process person. If you know me this shouldn’t surprise you at all. It is ironic though because I’m often called on to recreate team structure or a new process. Some people love process and I’m really glad those people exist. One thing that everyone complains about though are company silos. [...]

The Power of Doing

A quick follow up post to my last post: The Discipline To Do. Fred Wilson just posted about the #OWS movement and reading it helped me vocalize the thoughts I’ve had about the whole thing. I left this comment in reply to Fred’s post: I too was glad when they started protesting, because at least [...]

The Discipline To Do

Want to succeed at anything in life? Here’s the secret: Have the discipline to do the hard work. Want to beat your competition? Get up everyday and work hard and work smart. Everyday.  Be disciplined. Have the discipline to always ask the hard questions - of yourself. That way when others ask you the hard [...]

One #Hashtag To Rule Them All

I love Twitter’s use of the # hashtag and @ reply. I’ve even installed the blackbird plugin on this blog that auto links anything with the # or @ to Twitter. This is super convenient. If I want to link to someone’s profile on Twitter, like @chrismessina, the “inventor” of the hashtag, I just type out [...]

The Power of Retail and Consumer Behavior

Through the 80′s, 90′s and 00′s tech companies like HP and Sony kept an edge over their competitors by “owning” the channel. These companies were the major suppliers for retailers that sold to the end consumer and whenever they feared their competitors were gaining ground they’d “clog” the channel by deeply discounting their product and [...]

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