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If Only We Knew What We Know. Then Had The Conviction To Do Something About It.

We’ve been in London now for less than 2 months and most of that time has been spent trying to get settled in. But in that time we’ve also seen about a dozen museums, historical monuments, castles, palaces (Hampton Court Palace is my favorite so far) and several other sites. Londoners - and the British in general [...]

Social Robots: We Have Met The Enemy And He Is Us.

There was a great piece this morning by John Hagel reviewing Sherry Turkle’s new book Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other, and combining that with several other things I’ve read lately, the post got me thinking about Social Robots. I have not read Sherry’s book but I have [...]

Data Visualization Is The Answer To Information Overload

I learned something on the way to work this morning: My commute is exactly as long as a TED talk. You can subscribe to the podcast version which is a great way to learn something new and get your morning inspiration. It works great unless you are listening to a talk about data visualization. Then [...]

Social Media Is Humanizing And Our Own Data Scares Us.

This is one of my thinking out loud posts. I apologize in advance that this is a little rambling. Over 10 years ago I did my senior thesis in Computer Mediated Communications. I was studying chat-rooms and whether this new digital medium affected our communication behaviors and norms. Guess what I learned? We behave the [...]

Caught in the Crossfire of the Geolocation Wars [SXSW GeoWars]

The GeoWars were in full frontal attack this week at SXSW. While the main battle was being fought between Foursquare and hometown favorite, Gowalla there were dozens of other location based services hoping to get some attention. I have said several times that there is no “offline” or “online” there just is. This is becoming [...]

Hiding in Plain Sight. Fighting Privacy with Noise.

Not everyone is comfortable living in public. Some of us are pretty comfortable with it, but everyone is a little nervous about it. If you’re not you should be. There’s a simple solution. Not perfect but somehow poetic. Image by R’eyes via Flickr Here’s the fact: There is information about every single one of you [...]

Marketers are getting a little too excited over location based data

There’s a lot of buzz around location based services. BrightKite, Google Latitude, Twitter’s new Geo data. But beyond the tech and marketing crowd there hasn’t been much acceptance. The only service I’ve seen “normal” people get a little excited about is FourSquare but that’s because of the game play (everyone wants to be the mayor of [...]

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