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Blog Reading Tips for Email Subscribers

I have used FeedBurner to manage this blogs RSS feed from the minute I set up this blog. An interesting quirk about FeedBurner is that it can’t tell me (because it doesn’t know) who signs up for my RSS feed via a feed reader. It could tell me when someone signs up, but it doesn’t [...]

3 Steps You Can Take Today To Prevent Social Media Overload

Social media can feel overwhelming. If not managed properly you can quickly fall into the trap of letting yourself feel like no matter how much you read or post there’s always so much more to read and post. Being a social media early adopter I’ve been on most social networks longer than most people have. [...]

Search Engine Optimize Your Emails

Some of you may be thinking that I’m taking SEO waaaaaay to far. And maybe I am but most of you using Gmail will understand what I’m talking about. This also applies to Outlook users who actually use the search function or people with Google Desktop installed. I have had a love/hate relationship with Outlook [...]

Who Killed E-Mail?

We all did. “I’ll just send him/her a quick e-mail .” “Can you send that over in an e-mail?” E-mail is very convenient. It’s simple, fast and quicker than picking up the phone. Unfortunately in most business settings, other than the phone, it is the only way people communicate. This is a problem. How many [...]

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