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I Called It: The Branded Android Gaming Device

The thing I love about making predictions is that they’re almost always wrong. Even when you’re right it’s a matter of degrees. It’s more like playing darts in the dark and you kind of know where the board is. I always make 2 sets of predictions, five, five year predictions that I spend a lot of [...]

Mobile Monday: Consumer Impact, Android Trouble, Tablet Trends and Gaming [10 Links]

I know I just did a 10 Links post last Monday but I couldn’t help myself. And if there’s one category that’s dominated my 10 Links posts, it’s Mobile. Admittedly, I love mobile. I love the phones (all of them). I love the apps (not all of them). But what I love the most is [...]

More Trends In Mobile Gaming [10 Links]

I know it was only 2 weeks ago that I did a 10 Links post on Mobile but Mobile is so hot right now I could probably do one of these every day. To narrow my focus *a little* I’m only sharing posts related to Mobile Gaming. Have a great weekend and if you’re out [...]

Social Media is Just a Big Game

As a proud member of Gen X I have fond memories of my Atari 2600.If you are reading this chances are you had an Atari, Nintendo 64 or Sega Genesis and chances are even greater you have an Xbox, Wii or Sony Play Station in your home right now. In fact to carry this even [...]

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