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What Comes Next? Part 2: The Suckage!

Image by Getty Images via Daylife As a follow on to yesterday’s post on the 80% online US adoption rate. I’d like to point out the down side: Suckage. Yep, pure suckage. Are you tired of spam? Are you tired of Twitter/Facebook spam? Wait until you start getting location based social spam, from your “friends”. [...]

What the Postal Service Can Learn from the Web

Image by kiss kiss bang bang via Flickr People often talk about how the Web turned traditional business models on their head. But do we really understand the full significance of that? I’d like to give you an example. With the holiday season quickly approaching we will all be using the postal service during the [...]

New Channels of Engagement

I find myself debating with people about the business relevance of New Media tools. For the last two years (and probably for the next two years) I have dealt with sceptics who question the validity of blogs, podcasts, wiki’s, forums and online social networks (LinkedIn) as a viable communication medium. Lately I have been fielding [...]

My First Public Appearance

Image by Tac Anderson via Flickr On Tuesday the 13th I will be presenting at the Boise Chambers Lunch-n-Learn series. The topic will be “The Death of Spam” (Justin came up with the title) use the power of the social web to accelerate the growth of your company (I came up with the sub heading). [...]

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