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I Really Am Going To Miss Bookstores

I love book stores but after years of debating back and forth with myself on this blog whether I could make the switch, I’ve made the switch and I don’t see myself going back. Yes I’ve also pointed out that I will still be buying physical books for a while, but the bookstores as we [...]

Why Doesn’t the Kindle Play Music?

Amazon is announcing a new, better, lighter, cheaper Kindle.  With the new version of the Kindle, I’m finally ready to break down and buy one. but something struck me as odd. Why doesn’t the Kindle play music, or any audio for that fact? Amazon sells Audio Books Amazon has a great MP3 Music Download Store. [...]

Dear Book Publishers, Here’s How to Get Me To Switch to ebooks.

Do you see that picture? That’s just the books I keep at work. They are almost all hardback and the ones on the corner of my desk are mostly ones I’ve purchased in the last 2-3 months. This doesn’t count my book cases at home full of books or even the books Jen and the [...]

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