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Foursquare Lists: An awesome feature almost no one will use.

Twitter lists is it’s most underrated feature, closely followed by Favorites. Very few Twitter users use lists. Facebook has had Groups (same concept) and almost no one uses them. Google+ is built around Circles so it kind of forces the issue but I wonder how many people use them that well. I suspect most will [...]

Yet Another 10 Social Media and Tech Predictions for 2011

This is last speculative predictions post you’ll read here for a long while. Promise. This year I’m taking the same format as I did last year, I posted my really big predictions for the next 5 years yesterday and today I’m following it up with a more speculative top 10 predictions for the current year. [...]

No Rewards For [off the grid] Checkin on Foursquare

Like to run incognito on Foursquare? You still can do that but there’s not much point in it anymore. @4sqsupporthas announced that you will no longer be able to unlock badges or earn mayor status when you checkin [off the grid]. While Foursquare wants you to be able to use the service without feeling like your safety’s being [...]

Gowalla Sticks it to Foursquare and Facebook Places

Gowalla announced today the newest release of their service, aptly named “Gowalla 3.” There’s some major UI changes and they’re still focused on the “passport” functionality - aka “socially curated guidebook. rather than deals and coupons” and you can now push your checkin to Twitter and Tumblr. But what has the bloggers worked up is their Foursquare integration. Facebook Places was inevitable and probably doesn’t [...]

Checkin with Foursquare to Support World AIDS Day. #turnRED to Get the (RED) Badge.

If you hadn’t noticed on Twitter and Facebook today is World AIDS Day and Foursquare is offering up a new badge for the occasion. Just use the hashtag #turnRed in your checkin or in a shout and you’ll unlock the (RED) badge. Additionally you can checkout which of your friends also have unlocked the (RED) badge by going [...]

Ready to get your “baggage” handled? Foursquare has you covered.

The TSA has its fair share of “bags” to check this holiday season. While the public is in uproar over the new policies, foursquare is here to reward you as you go through the security checks. To unlock the new ‘Baggage Handler‘ badge simply checkin at any airport and include a keyword such as TSA [...]

Tis The Season For Checkin Deals and Partnerships.

We’re quickly approaching the holiday season. One week from now begins the launch of the holiday shopping season. Are you ready? No you’re not. If you thought this years SXSW was a checkin-war between Foursquare and Gowalla you ain’t seen nothing yet. We have dozens of players all ready to incent you with deals and prizes. It’s [...]

Foursquare Shows the Web Some Love

With every LBS updating their apps and creating new apps for new platforms it’s nice to see Foursquare remember that the Web lives beyond your mobile phone. Foursquare announced today some minor updates to their website. Most notably the two changes are two of the apps biggest weaknesses. For logged in users the homepage focuses on your friends updates regardless [...]

Astronaut Checks In From Space Station and Unlocks Foursquare Badge

Here’s some Friday fun for you. Straight from the press release: Astronaut Doug Wheelock ”Checks In” From International Space Station WASHINGTON, Oct. 22 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — NASA astronaut and International Space Station Commander Doug Wheelock became the first person to “check in” from space Friday using the mobile social networking application Foursquare. Wheelock’s check in to the space station launches a partnership [...]

If It Doesn’t Happen On Twitter It Probably Doesn’t Matter

Join the New Comm Biz Facebook Page or follow the Twitter account. I attended the Social Media Conference North West in Mt Vernon yesterday and the final speaker was Brad Nelson from Starbucks. What impressed me the most about Brad was his passion for this space and his use of LEGO pictures. Brad’s enthusiasm is obviously [...]

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