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Social Media, Small Businesses and Passion

At Gnomedex there’s a really good chance you will get interviewed. I was interviewed twice. Once by my coworker, “Foleymo” and again by Ken Yeung. Foleymo asked me why I was at Gnomedex and what I was passionate about. Guess what? The two overlapped. And then Ken asked me about social media and particularly what [...]

Why Every Small Town Should Throw a Social Media Event

I’m a total sucker for economic development initiatives. Since my days running TechBoise, helping start IgniteBoise and in general being involved in helping get the Boise tech community up and running, I really appreciate the effort it takes to build a thriving business community.  Today I’m at the Social Media Conference North West in Mt. [...]

The SMB is Mobile, Wireless, Plugged In and Growing

My Office as a Startup Tac Anderson via Flickr I love the SMB market. Hell I was the SMB market (that’s a picture of my office). When clients tell me they want to reach the Small and Medium Business segment I start to drool. Outside of the Consumer marker there is no larger segment than [...]

Successful Twitterers, Bloggers and Small Business Owners are just Extroverted Over-Achievers.

60% of new Twitter users fail to come back. 95% of blogs fail. Stats on new business fail rate varies from 50% over three years to as high as 90% over 5-10 years. There seems to be some Natural Law of Attrition at play. There was actually a call for a dedicated field to study [...]

Entrepreneurs! Start Your Engines!

At the end of the worst financial week the World has ever seen, bankers and stockbrokers may be ready to jump out windows, but I’m feeling rather optimistic today. Barring a complete meltdown of society (some may argue we are already witnessing that) the coming months are going to be a great time to start [...]

Sorry Video, Text Still Rules the Web

I recently sat in on a research forum where we asked small business owners several questions about how they find solutions to business problems on the Web. The following is pieces of relevant transcript. There are multiple people commenting all at once but I think you’ll get the idea. when is video better? when is [...]

TechBoise has Arrived

Okay, for a lot of you this is probably old news. But since everyone else was making the announcement I figured that I’d better say something on my site. TechBoise is a community driven site for the Boise tech scene. Around the first of the year I had this crazy idea that Boise needed a [...]

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