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The Tweet Stream [v2]

Recent studies and observations have showed that 90% of tweets are made by 10% of the people which is closer to the user behavior of Wikipedia than Facebook (see links at the bottom of the post). One of the primary uses of Twitter by working professionals (the major demographic on Twitter) is for link sharing. [...]

Could the Internet move back to an AOL model?

Could the Internet move back to an AOL model? This article got me thinking, Is there only one internet? First I wondered, how many “Internets” would there be if you tracked individual usage? We tend to visit the same sites or the same type of sites. Kind of like our real world communities. Then I [...]

TV will give up more ground to the Web in 2008

FORTUNE: Techland Online TV at the tipping point Annotated I think 2008 will be a big year for internet TV. The writers strike should help independent internet only video cross the chasm. Since the networks won’t be able to do their big ‘up front’ pre-buy, the ad dollars will be moving online. The big shift [...]

Top 5 Web 2.0 Collaboration Tools

#1 Blogs This one was a no brainer really. Blogs have changed the way we communicate and share information. While blogs are more like someone giving a presentation, they at least provide a great opportunity for Q&A. It amazes me how such a light weight CMS has such a huge impact on our lives. #2 [...]

Who Killed E-Mail?

We all did. “I’ll just send him/her a quick e-mail .” “Can you send that over in an e-mail?” E-mail is very convenient. It’s simple, fast and quicker than picking up the phone. Unfortunately in most business settings, other than the phone, it is the only way people communicate. This is a problem. How many [...]

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