The Tweet Stream [v2]

Recent studies and observations have showed that 90% of tweets are made by 10% of the people which is closer to the user behavior of Wikipedia than Facebook (see links at the bottom of the post). One of the primary uses of Twitter by working professionals (the major demographic on Twitter) is for link sharing.

While some felt early on that Twitter would kill blogging I’ve always thought of it as a resource for my blogging. I primarily find and share links via the Tweet Stream. In order to help me explain that to others I created a simple graphic (because I’m not capable of anything else) and I thought I’d share it with you. Feel free to use it yourself. Although if you have any artistic capabilities I suggest you improve on the concept. If you do, please share it back out.

UPDATE: I suck so bad at design that this little project was beyond my grasp. Version one is here, I’ve replaced it with version 2 which ads the arrow at the bottom (signifying the flow of the Twitter stream) and the “Links” so people get that people post blogs and news stories, share the links, which people find via the “Twitter Stream” and that spawns new posts. Yeah, anyway I’m a dork.

Tweet Stream v2

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