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Nielson, the TV Industry and TV Advertisers are all in Denial

What is television? This morning Nielson is reporting (h/t to @prgeek) that for the first time in 20 years the number of homes with television sets has dropped. From 98.9 to 96.7. That may not sound like a lot but that’s actually a really big number. Moreover I think the number is actually greater than that [...]

Wake Up PR and Advertising! You’re Blowing It!

Next month will mark the 2 year point from when I joined Waggener Edstrom’s, Studio D group. Waggener Edstrom has it’s roots in PR and most of clients still are in PR but I’m not a PR person. I don’t think of myself as a story teller or a journalist and I definitely don’t do [...]

Super Bowl Ads Skipped The Web and Went Straight To the Social Web

But do they get it right? I’m not a huge football fan unless it’s college football. However, like every good red-blooded, American, consumer I watch the Super Bowl almost every year. As a person who, for better or worse, who makes his living as a Marketer, I pay very close attention to the Super Bowl [...]

Who Cares What People on Twitter Had For Breakfast?

Two to three years ago there used to be this misconception that all people on Twitter talked about was what they were eating for breakfast. It was very similar to the  misconception that bloggers just sit around in their underwear (often in their mother’s basement). As I was evangelizing social media and Twitter back then [...]

PR and Social Media: The Power of Answering Questions

There’s a lot of power in asking questions. The Socratic Method first brought to life the power of asking illuminating questions but the power behind asking questions is readily used in the fields of psychiatry, journalism, teaching and consulting, just to name a few. But sometimes I think the power of answering questions is highly underrated. No [...]

Yes You Do Need a Social Media Strategy

Usually when I disagree with really smart people in this space it usually has to do more with semantics than with any core fundamental difference. I know this is largely one of those times but I believe that semantics are very important. Wars have been fought over misconceptions caused by semantics. Please note that I’m [...]

Why I Think Advertising and Social Media Need Each Other

Good advertising is a driver for conversation, tells a story, and elicits strong reactions – whether it makes you laugh or it just gets your attention. With the rise of social media, there was a shift away from good advertising, and a focus turned towards user generated content (UGC), and placing the creation of brand [...]

Is PR Missing Out on the Mobile Revolution?

PR, as an industry, is not known for being a group of early adopters. Social media has been a bit of an exception. While the entire industry may not have adopted social media early on, many of social media’s early evangelists came from the field of PR. The argument is that there was an obvious [...]

Racial Marketing

I’m posting full trip reports over on my Posterous site but I plan on excerpting the marketing relevant portions here and adding some additional thoughts for more discussion and to reward those of you reading both my blogs. From my first day’s report: Greetings from South Africa: Howzit? Racial Marketing This could partly be because [...]

Social Media Is A Meal Not A List of Ingredients

When you buy food from a restaurant why don’t you pay by the ounce? That’s the way the restaurant bought most the ingredients that went into your meal. So why don’t you buy your food the same way?  This is how restaurants make money, they add value by putting all the pieces together in a [...]

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