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My Next Step Towards World Domination: Social Media in Europe, The Middle East and Africa

I have been writing here on this site for 4 years and 4 months. If you’ve been reading along for that long (thank you) you will have seen a significant amount of change in my life over those 52 months. For those of you who may be newer to the site and to my life [...]

Raising Tech Savvy Kids. You Have To First Teach Yourself.

Thanks to PSFK for pointing out this great article on The Technium: Techno Life Skills. I’m a huge believer in teaching our children technology early. So much so that I just bought all 3 of my kids Galaxy Tabs (yes, I got myself one too). Most of my friends think this is crazy. I think [...]

More Trends In Mobile Gaming [10 Links]

I know it was only 2 weeks ago that I did a 10 Links post on Mobile but Mobile is so hot right now I could probably do one of these every day. To narrow my focus *a little* I’m only sharing posts related to Mobile Gaming. Have a great weekend and if you’re out [...]

Why is Twitter Spamming Users with @twittersuggests?

When Twitter first started to take off about 4 years ago or so, the spammers showed up like they do on any network. But most people weren’t concerned. “I only see tweets from people I follow so it doesn’t matter.” But that’s not totally true, you see tweets from people you follow and people who [...]

Vilifying Multitasking and Fear Mongering is Counterproductive

As I write this post I’m listening to my headphones, my foot tapping along to the music. This morning while I was driving in to work I was listening to the audio of James Gleick’s The Information: A History, a Theory, a Flood. Wasn’t my brain doing more than one thing at a time? That doesn’t [...]

Too Much Mobile: Social, Deals, Games, Questions and Tracking [10 Links]

If, like me, your job is to keep up on the latest trends and then translate that into actionable strategies for business and you’ve been trying to find follow the mobile space, your head is probably spinning. Even just this morning when I opened up my RSS reader I was bombarded with blog posts all [...]

Weekend Ethnographic Research: Handheld Devices and Augmented Reality #WERPI

I probably drive my family crazy because every outing turns into field research. This last weekend I tried a little experiment. Knowing I was going out with my family to the Pacific Science Center to see the amazing Star Wars exhibit they have, I knew I would be doing a little research while I was [...]

Crowdsourced Weekend Ethnographic Research Project For Innovators #WERPI

If you read almost any great story of a new or disruptive innovation there’s usually some variation of the story that the innovator (or group of innovators) observed some sort of behavior that sparked an idea. It could have been an opportunity to apply an existing technology towards a different problem or a problem that [...]

Twitter’s Ecosystem Strikes Back

CNN is reporting that UberMedia is planning on developing it’s own competitor to Twitter. If this is true, things in Twitterland could get very interesting again for us early adopters. Last year I wrote an open letter to Tweetdeck asking them, among other things, to please implement their own hosted microblogging service. I even got a [...]

Twitter Grows Up and Doesn’t Need @ev Anymore? I Liked @ev’s Twitter Better.

A few weeks ago I wrote about how Twitter was growing up. It had finally decided on a business model and was starting to lay down the law on it’s developer ecosystem. The cute little Twitter that used to shy away from silly questions like revenue and business models is gone. The figurehead for Twitter during [...]

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