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The Non-Blog and Dr. M von Vogelhausen

What do you call blogs that aren’t on a blogging platform? I call them non-blogs? I noticed this trend a few years ago when I would discover very active people in the social media space who didn’t have blogs using tools like StumbleUpon and then later FriendFeed for their blog. Not in addition to a [...]

Is Bitly Bigger than Google?

That’s the question I had to ask after seeing this post by John Borthwick with this chart. I recently wrote a post on Bitly’s new search feature. It turns out that’s a bigger deal I thought initially. The chart is about impossible to read but if you look in the upper right hand corner you’ll [...]

Could the arts survive digitally?

Image by Getty Images via Daylife The arts are suffering. As our live become more and more digital people have been attending museums and other art venues less and less. I also don’t think that the steady decline of art being studied in schools help. Then to add insult to injury the recession has also [...]

Chase Your Customers not Your Competition

Image by ryancbriggs via Flickr 2009 was the year of action. No longer was it good enough to talk about what companies *could* do, you needed to do it. If you presented at a conference and didn’t have any personal case studies of either yours or your companies you were wasting everyone’s time. Now that [...]

Being a Social Media Ninja

I’ve blogged here almost every day but not yesterday. But I did post, A LOT not just here. Why? Well because I was putting into practice some of the things I’ve been talking about here and consulting on with my client. I actually got to get my hands dirty, something I don’t do much of [...]

SNL King of the Parodies Begets more Parodies [A Lesson for Startups]

Andy Samberg basically saved SNL. They were floundering until they discovered the underground sensation, The Lonely Island. The first big hit of course was Lazy Sunday Want to know how big it was. It was huge. It changed people’s perceptions about the Internet and TV and how they could play together. A short search on [...]

How Do You Prioritize Your Social Media?

Image by luc legay via Flickr I’ve recently received a few inquiries from friends. They’ve noticed that I haven’t been as conversational on Twitter lately. I still highly value the conversations on Twitter I just don’t actively participate as much as I used to. If you’ve read any of my previous posts you know that [...]

Be a Social Media Black Belt with Posterous

Image via Wikipedia When asked what the next hot thing is in social media I say work flow. I know it sounds boring but tools that streamline the process of social media management and allow us to scale all this playing around on the Web we call social media *work* is so hot right now. [...]

FriendFeed and Posterous Redefine Content Management Systems

Image via CrunchBase Following two posts on the topic of blog evolution comes some alerts that fuel more thoughts. I’m obviously geeking out here but please bear with me. The below alert talks about a recent move by Posterous that would allow it to become a defacto publishing tool for content producers. New on Posterous [...]

Would Social Media Training Have Stopped the Domino’s Disaster?

I’m sure by now everyone’s heard of the Domino’s Disaster. Short version: employees took disgusting video of them in the store, then posted it on YouTube. Millions of views later…. A Video Prank at Domino’s Damages Its Brand - NYTimes.com As the company learned about the video on Tuesday, Mr. McIntyre said, executives decided not [...]

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