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Video is Now a Must Have for Marketing and PR

Image by Tac Anderson via Flickr So after much ranting on my part it turns out that the new Flip will be getting WiFi. The next Flip camera will have Wi-Fi Next-gen Flip camcorder to boast Wi-Fi - Pocket-lint Why do I care so much? I love my Flip. It goes almost everywhere with me [...]

A Glimpse into the Future of Social Media, Journalism and Advertising

Image by Tac Anderson via Flickr What will the future of social media look like? You just need to look around because “The future is already here - it is just unevenly distributed.” In rapid order I came across three articles that help paint that picture (all emphasis are mine): Marc Meyer rightfully points out: [...]

Social Media Trifecta the Wiki-Blog

For 2 years now I’ve had this working idea for a book I’ve called The Social Media Trifecta. You can see the original post: Capitalism as a Metaphor You can see the adapted page The Book: Social Media Trifecta You can read the flurry of blog posts I did late last year all categorized as [...]

What Should We Ask Gary Vaynerchuk to do for this Blog?

Image by affiliatesummit via Flickr I don’t get a ton of blog pitches. Maybe 2 or 3 a month, tops. And 2.5 of those are usually complete crap. But this is probably the best one I’ve received. It’s not the pitch itself, that’s fine (the influx of readers line is a bit much). It’s the [...]

The New Economics of Social Business is about Enabling Unrealized Value

The New Economics of Social Business is about Enabling Unrealized Value. I’ve always been fascinated with business models but lately I’ve been on an Economics kick lately. (Scary, I know.) It’s kind of hard these days to be thinking about new types of business models without addressing the larger macro-economic models that are evolving.  Some [...]

If Chris Anderson Can’t Reinvent the Publishing World, Who Can?

Image by Tac Anderson via Flickr If Chris Anderson Can’t Reinvent the Publishing World, Who Can? This post originally ran on the Studio D blog last week. Wired Struggles to Find Niche in Magazine World - NYTimes.com Even as Chris Anderson makes a boatload of money of his ideas, subsequent books and high dollar speaking [...]

How to Win the Real-Time Web Publishing Battle

Image by Army.mil via Flickr As the Web moves into hyper-drive the ability for organizations to turn out high quality content has never been more important. From my own experience as well as what I’ve seen others publish the life span of link shared on Twitter is 5 minutes. After that it’s old news waiting [...]

Sponsored Posts: Advertorial 2.0

There are a lot of debates happening around sponsored posts and what’s acceptable.  I’ve posted before on my take. I think that the method is neutral, it has the potential to be equally used for good or ill. Chris Brogan has a post about his support and use of sponsored posts. ReadWriteWeb takes a more [...]

15 Years Later: The Rise and Fall of WordPerfect

I loved WordPerfect. It was such a great product in it’s day. Yes I know it’s still out there as a product but it’s not the same (I’ve tried it). I’m really interested in checking out this book. Almost Perfect by W. E. Peterson The Rise and Fall of WordPerfect Corporation I love that the [...]

There’s nothing wrong with journalism. Their business model is just broken.

This article got me thinking. WSJ Editor Claims Google Devalues Everything | Techdirt Journalists seem to be stuck in one of two camps: Complaining about why their business is ruined, who’s at fault and why they need to go back to the way they were Documenting with the fascination of watching a long drawn out [...]

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