15 Years Later: The Rise and Fall of WordPerfect

I loved WordPerfect. It was such a great product in it’s day. Yes I know it’s still out there as a product but it’s not the same (I’ve tried it). I’m really interested in checking out this book.

Almost Perfect by W. E. Peterson The Rise and Fall of WordPerfect Corporation

I love that the author of this book has made it publicly available once it went out of print. There are something like a bajillion (give or take a few zillion) business books published every year and something like 0.01% make it big. I wish more authors would release their books into the wild once their publishing contract was done.

It seems to me like there has be a business in this somewhere.

My personal tip on out of print business books is Amazon’s used books. I can’t tell you how many out of print business books I’ve found on Amazon and ended up loving.

Two of my favorites are:

Blown to Bits How the New Economics of Information Transforms Strategy. You can get this book for a penny (plus shipping and handling of course) This book was published pre dot bomb but was dead on about so many things that are still happening today.

The Value Factor This was a book written by Mark Hurd before he came to HP. It really give you a good sense behind why he’s made a lot of the decissions he has. It’s a very short read, lots of case studies interjected with personal insight.

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