Is your video resume up to date?

Jus InternationalJus International, a VC funded Network Marketing health company, is taking an interesting approach to finding a VP of Sales and VP of Marketing.

Jús International is a company based on health and wellness. In addition to professional qualifications, creativity and excitement are essential. We have received a large amount of resumes and have decided we wanted to see how creative and enthusiastic you are.

In order to learn more about you and see you live, please send us a video resume via a private YouTube showing or CD Rom.

There were a few things that struck me about this:

  • How many VP level people do you know that can shoot and edit video?
  • How many VP level people do you know that have ever or could upload a video to YouTube?

I’m probably being overly harsh to make a point. But Jus is definitely putting a stake in the ground. They want tech savvy creative leadership, it’s not enough to hire creative.

But this doesn’t surprise me. Jeff Boyle, Jus’ CEO, has previously started a tech company and a media comapny. I’d be interested to hear what percentage of their applicants actually send in video resumes.

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Random Thoughts 08/26/2008

  • The traditional office work environment and tools are still around, but at a very rapid pace, they’re being supplanted by newer and better tools, newer and better ways of working. The old rules are being broken, and new ones are emerging.

    You could call this the Workplace of the Future, as not all businesses have adopted these models, and it will be a few years before these new rules are the norm. But for many people (myself included), this is the Workplace of Today — there’s no need to wait for new technologies or tools, because they’re already here.

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  • Yesterday we wrote about Enterprise 2.0 from the point of view of the Enterprise, the buyer. The conclusion was that the impact of social media on the Enterprise was very big, addressing the very “nature of the firm”. This post looks at Enterprise 2.0 from the point of view of the vendor, specifically startups. This is a 30,000 foot view, but we aim to get past the hype to insights you can use in your startup. Further posts in our recently launched Enterprise Chanel will drill into specific market segments, companies and technologies.

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  • “Believe you can change the world. Work quickly, keep the tools unlocked, work whenever. Know when to work alone and when to work together. Share – tools, ideas. Trust your colleagues. No politics. No bureaucracy. The customer defines a job well done. Radical ideas are not bad ideas. Invent different ways of working. Make a contribution every day. If it doesn’t contribute, it doesn’t leave the garage. Believe that together we can do anything. Invent.”

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Heading back to Vegas

legal tender intro

As many of you may or may not know I lived in Vegas for about 4 years, where among other things I was a mountain bike tour guide and owner of a skateboard shop.

Going back to Vegas for me is always a doubly surreal experience.

  • On one hand, my life has changed so much since I was there. (Seriously, who goes from skate shop owner to social media marketing for a Fortune 20 company in 4 years?)
  • And on the other hand Vegas is always a surreal experience in and of itself.

As seems to be the case lately I’m heading to Vegas for a conference (not to skate parks, maybe I’ll take my board if TSA doesn’t declare it a weapon).

BlogWorld 2008 is September 20-21 and I’ll be on a panel titled: Beyond Blogging: Stories & Social Media Lessons Learned in the Real World. (Sorry there’s no direct link but you can click through from there.)

I’ll be on the panel with some stellar people. My fellow Conversations Matter author’s Michael Brito and Kelly Feller will be there along with Rohit Bhargava of Ogilvy Public Relations.

I get to offer a discount code that’s good for the first 50 people to use it. The deadline for the discount code is good until 9-1-08. If you want to use it please enter the code exactly as it appears, since it’s case sensitive.
code: TACV1PAN

If you’re going, ping me. Later skater ;)

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Behind the Curtain of Social Media

1to1 Media slide 2

Last month Michael Brito, LaSandra Brill and I were interviewed by 1to1 Media. The three of us, along with several others, blog at Conversations Matter.

The write up of the interview:

What to make of social media? It’s a question on the minds of many marketers. Where do you begin, and once you do, what do you do to keep momentum and have a real impact on business and customer relationships? We recently spoke to three social media experts — from Intel, Cisco, and Hewlett-Packard — about their experiences in the trenches

Elizabeth Glagowski, who conducted the interview, wrote a post about some lessons she learned during 1to1’s Social Media Month (July). They even launched their own microsite: Get Past the Hype (love the name).

1. Think of business objectives first
2. Social media does not standalone
3. It’s more of a cost saver than a revenue generator
4. Start small

And finally, part 1 of the podcast “Behind the Curtain of Social Media” can be heard here. It runs about 12 minutes long. Part 2 should be posted next week.

There were some technical issues on Elizabeth’s side so you’ll hear a slight buzz in the background.

There were some technical issues on my side and I said “um” waaay too much.

UPDATE: The full interview is now available.

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More links than you can shake a click at.

A tag cloud with terms related to Web 2.

So Diigo was down for maintenance this week and so my automatic Random Thoughts post didn’t get posted so I thought I’d do a little manual cut-n-paste to share with you some of the things that caught my interest this week.

Looking to kill a few hours first thing Monday morning?

A Closer Look at HP’s Community Core Team - Marketing Impressions

My most recent Marketing Impressions blog where I talk about how HP manages 60+ blogs with the Community Council

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more from » Blog Archive » The Philosophical Comparison Between Marketing and Social Media

Kyle talks about the simultaneous shift of social media and marketing from push to pull. He also makes the comparison that the pull goes both ways. Customers don’t want marketing pushed on them they want to pull it to them. So instead of pushing your marketing create marketing that pulls your customers in.

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» Arrington missed the boat, Kel Kelly sets it straight - Marketing Conversation - New Marketing and Social Media by Abraham Harrison LLC Marketing Conversation - New Marketing and Social Media by Abraham Harrison LLC

Here’s a thought provoking post about PR in the world of blogs. I think Mike’s advice is right, for the kind of startups he wants to deal with. For the rest of the free world I agree with Jonathan.

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Web 2.0 needs time to grow - WhatPC?

Analyst Gartner highlighted 27 technologies in its 2008 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies while McKinsey’s Building the Web 2.0 Enterprise examined the adoption of tools such as wikis, blogs, social networks and mash-ups.

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Wikipedia founder aims to break Google stranglehold - Yahoo! News

wikia search aims to be a platform for search. should be interesting

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more from

Wikia Search - A New Way to Search

The alpha release of Wikia Search

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Why Brands Are Unsuccessful in Twitter

Are you thinking about getting your brand in Twitter? Read this first. I think that this is a good starting point. I do think there are exceptions.

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Social Media Serendipity and a BlogTalkRadio Interview

Fisher 500 AM/FM hi-fi receiver from 1959. Cou...Image via Wikipedia One of the things I love about social media is serendipity.

Two weeks ago I posted some thoughts on Twitter and how being a scale-free network has kept it at the top of the microblogging world. My posts are aggregated over on Social Media Today which is where Dr. Sally Witt, a Life Coach, saw it and blogged about it herself.

Sally then emailed me and asked if I’d like to do an interview on her BlogTalkRadio show.

I don’t know much about Sally other than the fact that she’s a Life Coach (which seems like an accurate description because she covers everything from online marketing to stopping smoking through hypnosis) and has a very active online presence.

I’ve never done a BlogTalk show before so I figured I’d give it a try. If you’d like to listen in and join the chat room you can do that this Friday at 2:00 MST.

Here’s a little about her show from her BlogTalk site.

My show is about YOU! Everyone’s story is important, and needs to be shared.

What have your learned in your life? What do you know now that can help and inspire others?

What has been hard, what has made you grow? What has brought you personal and professional success? What surprises have you had along the way??

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Treating your best users like your worst. [Twitter]


Twitter has imposed a new follow limit on it’s users. You only get to follow 2,000 people. Most of you may be thinking, “Seriously? Who wants to follow 2,000 people anyway?” How realistic is it follow 2,000 people? That’s just too much noise right?

Not as noisy as you might think

As of today I currently follow 1,059 people? How is that possible? Obviously I don’t directly engage with every comment my Twitter friends make. I don’t have to. Not every tweet is meant to be engaged with (I would argue most of them aren’t).

And as more brands start using Twitter to engage with their customers many of them are going to need to be able to follow everyone that follows them, even if that number exceeds 2,000.

I use tools


TweetDeck let’s me track Tweets by groups. All Tweets are on the far right. All my Boise friends are in the next column and replies (tweets containing @tacanderson) are in the next column. So really following a whole grip of people isn’t as hard as one might think.

The algorithm did it

So while I don’t have a problem with Twitter limiting the amount of people you follow I have a problem with the way it was implemented. Steve O’Hear has a post about Twitter using an algorithm to limit the number of followers.

The problem is that there doesn’t seem to be much algo behind their rithm. Spammers follow a lot of people for the exposure but don’t get many (if any) people following them back. It doens’t seem to me like it would be very hard to build into this “algorithm” a follow to following ratio.

The result is that Twitter ends up treating their most valuable users, their hubs, (see previous post on scale-free networks) exactly like they treat their worst users, the spammers.

It seems like there’s a marketing lesson in there somewhere ;)

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The secret of “viral” revealed on FriendFeed

Ever wondered why something goes viral?

It’s all right here

See the full FriendFeed thread here.

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Blogger burnout? Give up or dig in.

Welcome to the watered-down reality of all that you loved.

this is not an exit
If you read many blogs you’ll notice a general theme. It started with the A-listers and is echoing through the second tier. (of course this theme goes back a long way)

Bloggers are getting burnt out. Not from content overload, not even because of all the noise. This is a classic early adopter response to main stream acceptance.

You can never go back through the door you came in

This may come across as harsh but I’ve dealt with this cycle my whole life.  While I am ranting a bit my comments aren’t meant to bash anyone more to offer a friendly kick in the butt.

Anytime a trend that develops on the fringe gets adopted by the mainstream the “cool kids” whine because now every “poser” has jumped their train.

Congratulations bloggers, you finally got what you’ve been asking for. You can now join the ranks of all the cutting edge musicians, fashionistas and artists.

You really have two options at this point: A)Give up B)Dig in

You can accept the fact that corporate America is hip to the business advantages you’ve been preaching all these years OR you can throw a fit, take your ball blog and go home. With Corporate America comes the late adopters we pride ourselves in not being.

If you stay you can help make sure that the watered down version of what you’ve helped build keeps the core elements that make blogging great.

If you leave you become a “what ever happened to…”

Want to know the real reason I think most bloggers get burnt out? They have to put up or shut up. We’ve been talking about all the great things blogging and social media can do for so long that I think many people didn’t ever think they’d actually have to do the things they talked about.

Now’s your chance! Dig in, demonstrate the power that comes from all the tactics you’ve been talking about. Or give up.

The problem is that things never go *exactly* as you thought they would. You can’t just launch a company blog and expect all your evangalist to crawl out of the wood work weilding their word of mouth while they create consumer generated media.

You actually have to work at it; and work and work. Tweek, adjust, relaunch, quanitfy, justify etc.

You have to play well with other marketing functions. You actually have to communicate with people who don’t have a Google account, don’t know what RSS is and still think blogs are weird.

Sometimes, you have to make trade offs, and suddenly you realize that your pureist vission of what you thought the future would look like isn’t *exactly* right.

So to all my blogger and social media brothers and sisters out there who are feeling discouraged: Dig in. Your time is now.

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