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Twitter’s Ecosystem Strikes Back

CNN is reporting that UberMedia is planning on developing it’s own competitor to Twitter. If this is true, things in Twitterland could get very interesting again for us early adopters. Last year I wrote an open letter to Tweetdeck asking them, among other things, to please implement their own hosted microblogging service. I even got a [...]

My Open Letter To TweetDeck. Please Add These Features.

First off, thank you for making Twitter the amazing tool it is. Without you Twitter would have never caught on the way it has. I hope Twitter has stopped to thank you. I have a few requests I REALLY, REALLY want and I think it would be relatively easy for you guys to do (says [...]

Brizzly Stays Busy: Adds Twitter Lists and Facebook

I’ve been playing around with Brizzly for about a month now. I like it - a lot. I’m not ready to ditch TweetDeck as my main app yet but Brizzly is perfect for my netbook. If you’re not into using massive AIR apps like TweetDeck for whatever reason Brizzly might also be for you. There’s [...]

Brizzly is Funny. Obviously Wants to Be More than a Twitter Client.

On my netbook I don’t run many programs. No AIR apps like TweetDeck. So I’ve been using Seesmic’s Web app, but was very intrigued when I heard about Brizzly. I’m really liking Brizzly so far. It’s nice to see a startup with personality. One of their features is an explanation for trending topics. This has [...]

Twitter is the Internets Water Cooler

Image via Wikipedia You can’t monitor the whole Internet. Nobody can, not even Google. So what do you do? It’s obvious that you can’t ignore it? You need to be monitoring something. “But I don’t have budget for fancy monitoring tools.” You don’t need any budget. There are dozens of free or nearly free tools [...]

Why URL Shorteners Are Important

Image by bpedro via Flickr There’s probably hundreds of URL shorteners now. Seriously, I don’t think that’s an exaggeration. They’re really easy to build (there’s even a WordPress plugin that makes them out of your blog URL) and they are proving invaluable to content publishers. (NYT article on shorter URLs) Tinyurl was the first shortener. [...]

Media Consumption: Scoble vs Rubel

I consume, filter and sort a lot of information everyday (this is an understatement) and I don’t even consume as much as some people that I know. If you look at Robert Scoble or Steve Rubel, I pale in comparison. I’ve written before about the need to build the skill of juggling the flow of [...]

Zemanta plus Google Alerts plus Posterous equals I don’t know.

Image via CrunchBase I am a big fan of Zemanta. I have lots of Google alerts set up and I had been wanting to try Posterous for a while but wasn’t sure what I would use it for. Then when Zemanta released support for Gmail I came up with the idea of mashing up all [...]

The Life and Death of Darcy Validate by Twitter

This isn’t the easiest post for me to write but I wanted to share an idea I had about two years ago, that I still think is a good idea, as well as some lessons I learned along the way. The Birth of Darcy Darcy was a code name for a project that Rich Breton [...]

An Open Letter to Web Startups: Please Take My Money

It was just announced that comment tracking service Co.mments will be shutting their doors. We are going to be seeing a lot of startups running out of cash in 2009. A space like comment tracking can only handle so many entrants, especially when none of them have a viable business model yet. Over the last [...]

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