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Why is Twitter Spamming Users with @twittersuggests?

When Twitter first started to take off about 4 years ago or so, the spammers showed up like they do on any network. But most people weren’t concerned. “I only see tweets from people I follow so it doesn’t matter.” But that’s not totally true, you see tweets from people you follow and people who [...]

What To Write About On A Day Like Today?

News last night that #Osama Bin Laden #obl was killed broke on Twitter. There’s a lot of emotions out there for very good reason. It’s been interesting watching everyone’s reactions. Everyone remembers where they were on 9/11. It was one of those generational defining moments. On 9/11/2009 I wrote about my thoughts contrasting 9/11 to Y2K: More [...]

Twitter’s Ecosystem Strikes Back

CNN is reporting that UberMedia is planning on developing it’s own competitor to Twitter. If this is true, things in Twitterland could get very interesting again for us early adopters. Last year I wrote an open letter to Tweetdeck asking them, among other things, to please implement their own hosted microblogging service. I even got a [...]

Twitter Grows Up and Doesn’t Need @ev Anymore? I Liked @ev’s Twitter Better.

A few weeks ago I wrote about how Twitter was growing up. It had finally decided on a business model and was starting to lay down the law on it’s developer ecosystem. The cute little Twitter that used to shy away from silly questions like revenue and business models is gone. The figurehead for Twitter during [...]

The Rise of the Masspersonal Intermediaries - The New Influencers

Like many of my colleagues at Waggener Edstrom my undergraduate degree was in Communications. But I didn’t take the route or Journalism or PR, I studied communication theory. My senior thesis was an analysis of Internet chat rooms (this was the late 90’s) to study the effects of computer mediated communication on interpersonal communication. Recently Yahoo and Cornell released [...]

I Don’t Think I’m Cool Enough For Social Media Anymore

Tech companies are in love with pop stars these days. Twitter recently launched Discover Twitter for their 5th anniversary, pulling on such celebrities as Snoop Dogg. Salesforce.com tapped The Black Eyed Peas to promote Chatter at the Super Bowl. Google recently tapped Lady Gaga for an event called “Google Goes Gaga.” Wow. I’m not that audience. I knew [...]

Early Adopters Are Not Ready To Leave Facebook or Twitter Yet

We’re used to users on Facebook revolting every time they make a change to anything. And recently we’ve started to see dissent towards the ecosystem changes Twitter has started to make. Usually as services move towards the mainstream they start to change in order to accommodate new, more profitable, mainstream users. They usually upset the early [...]

The Total Reset Experiment: Week 1 - You Need To Blog More!

One week ago today I chopped the head off of all of my RSS feeds and all of my Twitter followers in an attempt of sparking insights through rediscovery. It’s only been a week but it’s been interesting. Here’s what I’ve learned so far: Twitter I dropped about 9K followers on Twitter and have added back [...]

The Social Media Strategists Power Tools [Consumption]

Last month I gave you The Social Media Strategist Workout, which is the routine I follow to manage my social media activity throughout the day. In answering the question “How I manage my level of activity and work and a family and all the other stuff” I told you part of the answer was the [...]

A Total Reset And Rediscovery

In the movie, Megamind (yes I have kids and yes I’d watch that movie even if I didn’t, it was awesome), the “bad guy,” Megamind, finally gets what he wants. He defeats his nemesis, Metroman. But he finds that he’s not happy being the overlord of Metro City, because it was the process of trying to [...]

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