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What To Write About On A Day Like Today?

News last night that #Osama Bin Laden #obl was killed broke on Twitter. There’s a lot of emotions out there for very good reason.

It’s been interesting watching everyone’s reactions.

Everyone remembers where they were on 9/11. It was one of those generational defining moments. On 9/11/2009 I wrote about my thoughts contrasting 9/11 to Y2K:

More shocking was how patient and compassionate everyone was. No one cared how long they waited in line. No one was screaming at checkers because their canned pasta didn’t ring up on sale. No one was stockpiling food and water. None of that mattered in the light of what was happening. What was really important in life became painfully clear.

Today I had an article cued up with the headline: “Content Marketing Lessons From G.I. Joe” Needless to say I didn’t run the article today. I’ll run it later in the week or next week depending on how things go. I may even change the title. Who knows.

Late last night I also got an email from a client, who’s the head of communications, advising his teams to rethink what news they release today.

I saw someone on Twitter pointing out that people with auto-scheduled tweets looked really clueless at best or insensitive at worse.

So on a day like today, what do you write about?

I don’t think there’s a perfect answer but I think you have to be careful.

My advice: Be respectful. Be grateful. Don’t be self-centered.

What’s your advice?

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  • http://muchosalsa.com/blog David

    The thing that stood out to me last night and into this morning was people who were willing to give their expert advice and analysis on things they know nothing about. The following advice is good for nearly all situations but especially a highly sensitive, very public event.

    * You should spend way more time listening than talking
    * Don’t talk just to hear your own voice
    * Respect the knowledge of others

  • http://www.newcommbiz.com tacanderson

    Great advice. Thanks David.

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