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2010 Social Media Prediction Report Card

Last year I did like every other social media blogger out there and made some predictions for 2010. I actually posted two different sets of predictions. My first set of predictions were 5 year predictions that I saw happening over the next 5 years. These were, in my view at the time, the far riskier [...]

Top 5 Predictions for the Next 5 Years in Business Social Media [2010 Edition]

Be sure to join the New Comm Biz Facebook Page or follow the Twitter account I spend a lot of time predicting the future and every year I look out over the next 5 years. You are reading the 2010 edition.  The 2011 edition is here. You can also see my top 10 2010 predictions and [...]

Do You Think Your Company Should Be On Twitter

If you do there are some things I’d recommend you thinking about first. Or if you’re too impatient you can skip to the end. Content is King We all understand that content is king but we also need to understand the important differences in how different types of content flow through the Web and are [...]

Sometimes less is more. Sometimes less is just less.

Image via Wikipedia There’s an article in BusinessWeek that talks about the growing trend that some companies have been taking (my former employer included). Instead of cutting staff they are cutting salaries, and bonuses and benefits.I always feel a little callus when I talk about job loss because I don’t come across as very sympathetic. [...]

Screw the Press Release. Blog It!

I Love This! Validation is such an empowering thing. Having been arguing the power of blogs and social media for the last ~5 years I have loved watching things evolve. At first no one thought blogs would be taken seriously by businesses. Then no one thought they’d be used for anything other than marketing. Then [...]

Enterprise 2.0 Needs a FriendFeed

Image by Tac Anderson via Flickr We have dozens of Twitter-like, microblogging applications for inside the enterprise but where’s the LifeStreaming applications? If there is one already, I’m not aware of it. Where is the Enterprise 2.0 version of FriendFeed? Where is the app that captures my work progress? Every time I create a document, [...]

Where are the lunch lady blogs?

Where are the lunch lady blogs? Often when I speak I like to pose this scenario: Imagine that you are on a flight home and you get upgraded to first class. Now imagine that you end up sitting next to the CEO of a big company that’s based in your home town. That company has [...]

CIO.com tries to explain Twitter to your Boss’s Boss’s Boss

Image by RubyJi via Flickr For most of you, CIO magazine is not very relevant. But for us B2B Enterprise IT marketers this is a pretty big deal. If you’re selling IT to the Enterprise, the CIO (or your companies equivalent) is the most important person you want to influence. And CIO is a highly [...]

[NCB Best Of] How to Implement Social Media inside Your Company

This week marks my 2 year blogiversary. To commemorate one of the things I thought I’d do is re-post some of my better older posts. This blog was originally posted on 6/4/07 These tips are for all of my friends working inside of large companies, wanting to take advantage of new media but are not [...]

Managements Misguided Social Media Efforts

Most corporate employees I talk to lately are dealing with one of three scenarios: They are trying to convince their managers that they need to be doing social media Their managers are on board with social media and are relying on them to put together a plan, they’re not sure how to put together Their [...]

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