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Content Marketing Lessons From G.I. Joe, Transformers and LEGO

There I was playing with a transformer (yes it’s a weird looking bat Transformer) and explaining to my kids why this transformer wasn’t in the cartoons or movies. That Hasbro actually made the original cartoons in the 1980′s as a way of selling their toys, they didn’t make the toys because of the cartoons - [...]

Search As Content: What Does It Mean To Publishers In The Age of Social Media?

Search is changing. And it’s only going to keep changing. Not only are Bing and Google adding social data to the search results and trying to return more relevant results based on your social graph, but the change doesn’t end there. Bing particularly has been pushing the envelope on what they do with all the [...]

Content Farms Under Fire But Not Going Away [10 Links]

Last summer I wrote a 10 links post about the rising conversation around content farms. The topic hasn’t gone away and neither have the content farms. On one side there’s been conversations around automating the content even more and some people are asking if the content farms can’t be used as a platform for more [...]

We’re not Curators. We’re Artists!

Those of us who actively communicate across the digital arena are assembling and reassembling data all the time. We cut and paste links, quotes, and pictures. We produce and distribute our writing, notes and thoughts. We aim to repackage what we see and learn into newly configured pods of interest that we hope will be [...]

Should user-generated content be considered a valid, legitimate source?

Are user generated content sites sources of valid information? With the increasing popularity in sites containing user-generated content (UGC), questions of validity arise. UGC includes any site where the site’s users and visitors can write and publish content, whether it is video content, blog posts, advice websites, and the like. But as sites filled with [...]

Content Farms Are Affecting News, Journalism, Search and Marketing [10 Links]

Content Farms have been around for a long time in one form or another. They are evolving rapidly and the advancements they make are starting to bleed over into the broader field of journalism, content and marketing. You can see this evidenced in developments like Computational Reporting. When I’m *predicting the future* I find it [...]

Content Hierarchy And The Importance Of Effort

Content and Effort Have you ever been in the paper? You know the actual one made of trees and ink. It’s pretty cool. I’ve even had some of my work written up in a book and even though I wasn’t mentioned by name it was still pretty cool. Being mentioned in a blog post or [...]

What “What ___ Can Teach us about blogging” can teach us about blogging.

I don’t have many rules when I sit down to decide what to write here on my little slice of the internets, but one I try to stick to is “Avoid reactive post structure.”. You won’t see me writing about the Facebook/Nestle thing, Motrin Moms, or Skittles.com for two very good reasons: The attention span [...]

Geeks Tolerate Apple Hypocrisy Until They Mess with Porn

I’ve posted  several times about Apple’s continued hypocrisy and my love/hate relationship with their products. Like most people, I love their design and I’m glad they’re pushing the industry but I have always hated their closed culture and hyper controlling attitude. Full disclosure I used to work at HP (who is now a client). Microsoft, [...]

Social Media is a Wicked Problem

I know this is a ‘no duh’ for most people but I had an epiphany about the way I think about content “consumption”. We don’t consume content. In fact every interaction with every piece of online content only serves to create more content. Every click, every rating, share, new link, comment, new blog post, etc, [...]

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