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‘Spotlighting’ Our Way Out of the Goliath Economy

“Creative Destruction” is the driving economic mode of our era. This term has been adopted as either the blessing or the curse of the post-1970′s global economy. Within the flow of Creative Destruction there’s only a specific amount of success that a society can provide to its citizens at any one time. At the top [...]

HuffPo Hawking: Throwing Labor into the Platatunity Fire

Simon Dumenco, Chris Hedges, and others have pointed out a harsh facet of the Huffington Post (HuffPo) business model; it’s built upon writers who relinquish their labor-value in trade for a platform-opportunity (I’m calling it “Platatunity”). No, it isn’t social capital. Writing free blog posts on HuffPo is a form of advertising; it’s Craigslist, but [...]

We’re not Curators. We’re Artists!

Those of us who actively communicate across the digital arena are assembling and reassembling data all the time. We cut and paste links, quotes, and pictures. We produce and distribute our writing, notes and thoughts. We aim to repackage what we see and learn into newly configured pods of interest that we hope will be [...]

The Joy Connection and Good Social Capital

In my Social Capital system everything starts with time; it’s the fundamental currency that I trade on. As example: It can take an author fifteen-years to write a book about a four-hundred-year-era that a reader ingests over a three-day-weekend. The author, rooted in time, produces the magic of encapsulating value into a pod (the book). [...]

The UnDone Presentation (JM)

I chose the non-linear path for my recent Social Media seminar for APA | NY . Engaging your audience is a hard dance to manage but, as in this case proved, doing so offers greater value FOR THE ATTENDEES from the event. Value doesn’t mean everybody leaves happy. Value means the audience gained answers to questions; ideally these answers demand a renewal of thought.

Digital Traces…Where Email, Social Media and Brand Keywords Converge

Digital Traces…Where Email, Social Media and Brand Keywords Converge Here’s what I’m finding out through conversations with clients, partners, and vendors about email campaigns: - The “mulitple open” rate of  email campaigns is spiking among the top %5 of people who open the email. Sometimes emails are being opened 10 or more times. - Click-rates [...]

Move out of your website (if you can)

Websites are not websites, they’re plants (vines are an even better analogy). Websites used to be apartments, either furnished (web-building software) or unfurnished, that you moved into, decorated, and often redecorated. Now, they’ve become organic ongoing enterprises that need to grow/change/respond with your visitors/customers/clients in mind. Vines. I was speaking with the amenable Ben Kunz [...]

Passing Bucks: NYU/NYTimes & Sucking Wealth From The Bourgeoisie

100 years after the industrial revolution the pendulum has swung back perversely. Instead of working class predicaments forging the assembly lines and construction-crews into the engine of low-cost employment (and the engine of our greater economy), with the recession, short-term profit-taking schemes, and slash and burn tough-medicine inside media empire board rooms, the flood lines [...]

Don’t Be A Sucky Presenter

On Twitter I follow hashtags for presentations (example #TED) of all types, to learn how I can make my own presentations better. I dip into the flow of the conversations and see what I can filter out. Both the positive notes and the complaints tend to trend similarly, either people are psyched to be there [...]

Ice Floes Over Magnetic Poles

There were two seemingly unrelated news stories this past week: 1. Apple’s new iPad, and 2. that lucky dog rescued from an ice floe in the Baltic Sea after drifting for over 100 miles. (Ice Station Zebra, the spy thriller yarn with a story centered around the ice of the North Pole was also on [...]

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