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We’re not Curators. We’re Artists!

Those of us who actively communicate across the digital arena are assembling and reassembling data all the time. We cut and paste links, quotes, and pictures. We produce and distribute our writing, notes and thoughts. We aim to repackage what we see and learn into newly configured pods of interest that we hope will be enjoyed by, and offer “value” to, our friends and audiences.

We are Artists, not Curators.

Maybe we’re not “fine artists,” however you want to try to define that frame (that debate is eternal), but our actions are more akin to drawing, painting, sculpting, and film-making; we cut and paste. We create images and text assemblages more similar in gist to the works of Joseph Cornell, Jenny Holzer, Robert Rauchenberg, Marcel Duchamp, Ann Hamilton, and more. We’re collagists! We’re paper-mâché-ing our way across the digital plane!

Ann HamiltonCurators, in general, are more administrative than creative. They are aligned to steady themes and projects. Their goal is to gather, in the past tense, things that are completed and package-able, to reframe a collection within a historical fence.

Artists are future-makers, listeners, filters of the now, who translate the themes, ramblings and disparate elements all about us into nuggets of definition and expression. Artists are prisms, filter, guides, and trailblazers. They’re also mentors, teachers, gurus, and seers.

One day, maybe one hundred years from now, a good Curator will look back on all this data, at all these texts and images we’re sharing and announce that collectively we were part of a new renaissance of communication, an avant-garde of art-making. That in our group actions we were creating one of the largest installation sculptures ever devised and it was in real-time, flowing, un-static, and magnetic to thousands and thousands of people who all could partake in the effort.

We cannot see this clearly now, we’re in the making of it, it’s part of us and we’re part of it.

We’re not Curators, we’re the Artists, and we’re making art.


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About Jason Moriber

A salty veteran of the dotcom boom, I currently work at Waggener Edstrom Studio D, where I am the Director of Digital Strategies. I have an MFA in drawing, launched and write for a handful of sites/blogs, and have created and implemented programs for auditors, start-ups, and organic farmers. I am in constant awe of the amazing people I learn about, meet, and fortunately get to work with.

  • Benedicte Kibler

    Fed up with self-declared artists !!!!!!

  • http://www.newcommbiz.com tacanderson

    I find it interesting that your tweet was longer than your comment:http://j.mp/amd1s4
    “fed up with those who declare themselves as artists. they justify their boring creation with long statements!”

    Benedicte, are you an artist or is this just a touchy point for you? I’m just curious. I don’t have a dog in this fight. I will point out however that Jason, the author of this post, does have an MFA in Drawing. Don’t know if that qualifies as an artist in your book or not.

  • http://twitter.com/jasonmoriber jason moriber

    I understand your perspective; I’ve spent a great deal of time trying to define what both “Art” and ‘Artist” means. Mainly, it’s both culturally subjective and joyfully splintered. I’d like to think I’m relatively objective, and relying on this experience, chose to denote an art movement under way. Where else have you seen/heard of Artists self-declaring?

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