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What Steve Jobs Learned From Walt Disney About Organizational Design

There is a much talked about article about Apple and Steve Jobs done by Fortune. The problem is that you can’t get the article online, nor is the article found in the edition that is currently available on the newsstands. You can only get the article if you have the Fortune iPad app. So while [...]

I Just Don’t Get Apple

I’m kind of speechless. It’s not often that I’m at a loss for words but what else can you say about a company that is incredibly successful despite it’s complete disregard its customers. To be fully transparent, Microsoft, T-Mobile and HTC are all clients of my employer Waggener Edstrom and competitors to Apple. (See my [...]

Why My Mom Wants An iPad And I Don’t

If you’re a regular reader you know I’m not an Apple fan. I love their design, hate their closed system. Also, (to be transparent) most of my tech clients compete with Apple. A little over a year ago I got my grandmother a netbook because my aunt and uncle really thought she would like to [...]

Geeks Tolerate Apple Hypocrisy Until They Mess with Porn

I’ve posted  several times about Apple’s continued hypocrisy and my love/hate relationship with their products. Like most people, I love their design and I’m glad they’re pushing the industry but I have always hated their closed culture and hyper controlling attitude. Full disclosure I used to work at HP (who is now a client). Microsoft, [...]

Never chase a market leader. Instead start a new race.

Ignore the rumors and stop chasing Apple. Forbes has a good post on innovation. The irony is that the minute you say we want to innovate like Apple, you are no longer innovating. You’re iterating. Innovation Beyond Apple - Forbes.com When it comes to innovation, many executives in the consumer goods industry are chasing Apple. [...]

So I Guess Flip Won’t be Fighting Back

Last week I wondered what Flip might do to fight against the inevitable release of an iPod Touch with a camera. Apparently I was too late with my recommendations. Gizmodo has the details on the new upgraded Flip. A little bigger screen, slightly better software and built in upload to Myspace and Facebook. Oh yeah [...]

Google Falls For The Hype Cycle with Wave

Image via Wikipedia One of the more interesting things about being a parent is watching your children grow up. Especially as they begin to make more independent decisions, you start to get an idea of what kind of adult they’ll be. As a business junkie the same is true as I watch companies “grow up” [...]

Will Flip Fight Back Against Apple, or is it too Late?

I love my 8 gig Flip UltraHD. Here at Waggener Edstrom we love our Flip cameras. Mashable even had a great guide today on Video Blogging. I think we’re about to see some even greater things in the world of video blogging. Everyone got pretty exited when they thought Apple would integrate a camera into [...]

Will Apple Finally Have to Embrace Social Media?

Image via CrunchBase As I was flipping through one of my favorite start pages I couldn’t help but notice something. Let’s see if you notice it to: Palm and Apple Squabble Over iTunes Access on the Pre - NYTimes.com Apple’s Rejection of Google Voice Points to Just One Thing Apple bans App Store’s 3rd-most prolific [...]

I dislike Apple but I’m really glad they’re around

  Image via Wikipedia As much as I like to bag on Apple for their closed proprietary nature I am thankful that they exist. If it wasn’t for Apple our computers would be ugly and difficult to use. I insist on having all PC operating systems and use them all. I’ve had several iPod for [...]

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