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I Just Don’t Get Apple

I’m kind of speechless. It’s not often that I’m at a loss for words but what else can you say about a company that is incredibly successful despite it’s complete disregard its customers.

To be fully transparent, Microsoft, T-Mobile and HTC are all clients of my employer Waggener Edstrom and competitors to Apple. (See my disclosures)

Some of my phones are on AT&T and yes there reception is bad but the reputation they are getting is not all their fault. I rarely drop calls on my HTC Windows phone and yet I constantly drop calls on my iPhone. And my Android phone on T-Mobile gets awesome coverage BTW. (Yes I have 3 phones, so what.)

But just when you thought Apple/AT&T reception couldn’t get any worse, it just did.

Apple Grip of Death

Gizmodo has a post detailing the iPhone “Grip of Death” problem. Basically you drop calls if you hold the phone wrong. (Which is the way most people would naturally hold the phone.)

Apple (Steve Jobs) acknowledged the problem and offered up a solution: Don’t hold it like that:

Steve Jobs Responds To The Antenna Issue: Hold It Different Or Use A Case
Apple Acknowledges iPhone 4 Reception Issues, Says Don’t Hold It Like That

I’ve made no secret of my dislike and distrust of Apple. I’m really glad they’re around to push design forward but I hate closed systems and I hate not being able to use a product the way I want.

When asked why I don’t like Apple products I usually say “Apple’s fine if you only want to use their products the way Steve Jobs wants you to use their product.” I didn’t realize how right I was and that this also extended to how you hold their product.

I’ve had an iPod since the 2nd generation version (the one right after the 3 buttons). And have always loved the iPod. I was a hold out on the iPhone until the 3GS but I finally broke down to see what it was all about. And it’s a cool device but it’s not *that* cool.

And iTunes is another problem. My wife and I both have iPhones, we both have iPods, we have an iPod Touch and my daughter has a Nano, we can’t sync all of our devices because of the authorization limit.

I’m done. I’m getting rid of all of them. I’ll take less pretty design and choices over a closed environment with little freedom any day. Even if by making those choices I create a bad user experience, so be it. At least it was my choice.

I’m amazed that people stick with their products. Maybe I’m just not cool enough. That’s fine by me.

Maybe Apple really is the opiate of the masses.

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  • http://twitter.com/deeveaux Devin Throngard

    Bumper cases seem to fix the issue. Nearly everyone I know has some form of a protective case around their phone. While I agree that this is a design flaw that should be fixed, the workaround seems to be simple and something that users would all do anyway.

    Apple does suck for many many reasons, but I'm not believing that the iPhone4 is one of them.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/6RU4D3FOFDSZ5VHENVLFL24MUY Mindy

    So let's review. Drop the uncased iPhone on concrete affection breaks. Bitch about how handling it affects the signal level or at least the display of it. Notice the yellowing caused by glue that isn't even dry yet because they can't even let product sit still long enough to cure properly due to demand.

    Why is it people don't use cases again? Can't we bitch about something real like network capacity or the lack of an official hot spot feature?

  • http://www.newcommbiz.com tacanderson

    I don't like cases. It just doesn't feel right all wrapped up in protective gear ;)

    I for one have never dropped my phone, but I guess you probably increase your chances when you can only hold certain parts of the phone.

  • Jbelkin800

    I'm not sure why you'd hold your phone like it's a Nextel push to talk phone or a CB radio but okay and at least you're upfront about wher your bread is buttered but the authorization is just wrong. THere is NO LIMIT to the number of authorized devices - you can load 1000 ipod/iphone/ipads, etc with the exact same music, movie, tv show, app etc, etc … the ONLY limit is how many computers can be authorized on ONE ITUNES account - and that's 5 - if you forget to deauthorize a computer you sold or got rid of - it's hard to believe but you can email Apple or call them, I know you might not beliee it but true or just as difficult, start a NEW ITUNES account. So, you are wrong or just trying to divert the issue.

    While you're at it - maybe you should ask your client why their new phone leaves files in the OS that can never be deleted including passwords and other logins … or that 1 in 5 android apps can be considered trojans - but hey, you want a free for all, that's what you get for a free OS.

  • http://www.newcommbiz.com tacanderson

    I hold my phone in my hand, not just with my fingers so I'm less likely to drop it. I wasn't aware each phone had it's own appropriate way to hold it.

    My mistake. Still doesn't help me out since I have more computers than that. Why shouldn't I be able to have all of my music that I paid for on all of my computers? I own them all and I paid for the music? I'm not pirating it or ripping it for anyone, it's my hardware and my music what's the big deal?

  • http://twitter.com/KevMurphy Kevin Murphy

    Why should we have to buy a case, if everyone seems to need a case . . . shouldn't that be a feature? Why are we happy having to purchase something to cover a flaw. Oh, and this isn't just an iPhone issue, any product taht basically requires the purchase of an accessory to function is kind of lame.

  • Jason Burns

    I am pretty sure if you use the force to hover the phone near your ear it won't drop calls, that's why he never noticed it Tac…

  • Jason Burns

    For the record, I sat here with my iPhone 4 and tried my best to get it to degrade the signal, holding it every way I can think of, one hand, two hand, two hand and a dog paw, I wasn't able to reproduce it.

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