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I’m Open Sourcing The Business Plans I Never Used

Image by Tac Anderson via Flickr I’ve mentioned before that I came really close (a few times) to launching my own startup. During that time I’ve developed several business plans. I want to open source these plans. I’m not going to do anything with them but if you would like to you can have them. [...]

Are API’s the New Open Source?

Image by herzogbr via Flickr It’s amazing to me the amount of innovation brought on by comapnies opening API’s for developers to tap into. Everything from allowing 3rd party applications to run within your site to API’s that let developers pull all your data and do cool things with it. It reminds me of the [...]

My Big 3 Social Puzzles

These are the things I spend most of my days thinking about lately. I think they’re going to be the 3 big drivers of change in business and society over the next 5-10 years. - Citizen and Corporate Journalism. I don’t think current news corporations can fill the need society and companies need. I think [...]

Microblogging is about to go Supernova

Two new developments this week are the precursors to potentially huge developments. Laconi.ca and Jaiku are two other microblogging platforms. The big difference is that they are both open source. Laconi.ca has always been open source. Jaiku was an early competitor to Twitter which got bought by Google and then promptly shut down. They have [...]

Micropreneurs and the new economy

Last year I wrote about the coming of the Micropreneur. This is only the beginning. We are going to see a huge rise in “side-projects” like this case of the IBM employee who developed the iShoot game. Have you played this game? It’s highly addictive. How to become an iPhone developer in eight easy steps [...]

Do I really need another blog?

Apparently not. I need two more. I’ve mentioned before that one of my goals for 2009 is to share more signal and less noise. This has lead me to Twitter less, only trying to share useful stuff and less ranting. I have also started to blog more in the hopes of sharing more case studies [...]

Web 2.0 Has a Higher Return on Total Investment

So far I’ve talked about capitalism as a metaphor. I know that the business owners and the skeptics who are reading this are saying “Great, but I have to worry about real capitalism.” This post is for you. When I first started working on the ideas for this book, the economy was great, markets were [...]

Creative Interactions Lead to More Innovation.

Image via WikipediaThere isn’t a CEO alive who doesn’t think more innovation is a good thing and something that their organization needs more of it. The problem is, no one’s really sure how to maximize it in a cost effective manner. We all have vague notions of where it comes from and there is no [...]

Will Desktop Linux Cross the Chasm

When it comes to the Webernet, I’m a total geek. I know this and I embrace it. I also know a thing or two about marketing, business models and innovation (at least I think I do). And I think that Linux has a major market opportunity right now. But, when it comes to the technical [...]

Who Killed E-Mail?

We all did. “I’ll just send him/her a quick e-mail .” “Can you send that over in an e-mail?” E-mail is very convenient. It’s simple, fast and quicker than picking up the phone. Unfortunately in most business settings, other than the phone, it is the only way people communicate. This is a problem. How many [...]

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