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Social Media is Just a Big Game

As a proud member of Gen X I have fond memories of my Atari 2600.If you are reading this chances are you had an Atari, Nintendo 64 or Sega Genesis and chances are even greater you have an Xbox, Wii or Sony Play Station in your home right now. In fact to carry this even [...]

Facebook Takes on Google Reader: Who Said RSS is Dead?

I’ve been playing around with Facebook. Both how to promote brands on Facebook as well as how users consume content within the walled garden (hint: there’s a direct correlation between the two). As blogs and media networks extend their reach using Facebook Pages, I noticed something interesting: Facebook can be used as an RSS reader. [...]

The Hive Awards: Celebrating the Unsung Hero

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this yet. Last year Alan Wolk asked me to be on the board for a new project he was working on, The Hive Awards. I loved the idea immediately and happily jumped on board. The Hive Awards are designed to reward all the unsung heroes of the internet: [...]

Barack Obama vs Steve Jobs: Battle of the Super Presenters

Two big news events happened yesterday: Steve Jobs announced the iPad and Barack Obama presented on the State of the Union.There was a lot of hype leading up to both and I imagine most of the planet was aware of both. Both men are excellent presenters who command attention when they speak, but with two [...]

Search, Discovery and Curation

While @gearheadgal may never speak to me again my post from earlier this week, 3 Reasons Why Social Media is Killing Search, sparked some healthy debate. (BTW debate is a good thing, it’s healthy, respectful and we should all do it more.) In my post I pointed to some recently reported trends that social media [...]

The Innovation Equation and Social Media Solution

I have a theory: The amount of Knowledge and quality of Collaboration a company is able to achieve directly effected by the level of Trust all parties have in the company.This is reflected in the potential value of the Innovation. Image by yuan2003 via Flickr (Knowledge x Collaboration) x Trust = Innovation Knowledge is the [...]

Being Trustworthy Isn’t About Feeling Good, It’s Smart Business

For a long time now I (and many many others) have been talking about transparency. I’ve even gone so far as to tell companies that they need to adopt a Transparent Business Strategy. The goal of a Transparent Strategy is to *have* trust. To have trust in others and to have the trust of others. [...]

This is Why Advertising on Twitter is Wrong…for Twitter

Image via Wikipedia This month has seen a flurry of activity regarding Twitter’s growth rate. Does it really matter what Twitter’s growth rate is? Does it matter if Twitter ever gets close to the size of Facebook? Only if they plan to monitize with advertising which they swore for years they wouldn’t do. That is [...]

Hiding in Plain Sight. Fighting Privacy with Noise.

Not everyone is comfortable living in public. Some of us are pretty comfortable with it, but everyone is a little nervous about it. If you’re not you should be. There’s a simple solution. Not perfect but somehow poetic. Image by R’eyes via Flickr Here’s the fact: There is information about every single one of you [...]

Could the arts survive digitally?

Image by Getty Images via Daylife The arts are suffering. As our live become more and more digital people have been attending museums and other art venues less and less. I also don’t think that the steady decline of art being studied in schools help. Then to add insult to injury the recession has also [...]

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