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On Blogging

I love blogging. It has literally changed my life. It has changed the way I think, work, communicate and live. I’ve said it before but even if no one was reading this blog I would still write and publish here. Because of my love of blogging and experimenting with the tools that are out there, I was [...]

Be A Contrarian. Blog More.

As I just noted in my last post, a lot of people have, seemingly, fallen out of love with their blogs. After publishing that last post I wanted to expand my thinking. As I’ve been going through the list of people I follow on Twitter looking to see who has blogs that I should be following [...]

What I Learned From My Top 10 Blog Posts of 2010 About Writing Good Blog Posts

I’ve been blogging pretty seriously here for about 6 years (4 on this blog) and it always amazes me which posts take off and which ones don’t. Sometimes I’ll pour my heart into a post and it goes nowhere. Sometimes I write some little off the cuff the post and it blows up. Some of [...]

Introducing the Checkin Addict Blog

I am incredibly fascinated by Location Based Services. Both because I used to own a skateboard shop and sympathize with the blight of the brick and mortar small business owner but geo-local also ties into my fascination with studying human behavior. It’s a digital anthropologists dream. I first started using Brightkite 2 1/2 years ago. [...]

Do You Have to Allow Commenting?

There was time when not having comments on your blog was a cardinal sin. You weren’t transparent, open or social. Starting a blog today is much easier today than it was even a few years ago, especially if you count microblogging in the mix. But today everything has commenting, blogs, videos, presentations and thinks to [...]

Q1 2010 NCB Blog Report [Stats]

Good day stakeholders. At the end of the fiscal year 2009 I reported that this blog was no longer about me. The focus of the blog is serving up great content that ads value to you. This makes all of you my board of stakeholder and as such I want to be transparent with you [...]

Announcing the New Comm Biz Social Newsletter. We’re going analog baby!

This year has been a busy year for New Comm Biz. We launched the @newcommbiz Twitter account, which has 288 followers, the New Comm Biz Facebook Page, which has 180 fans. I’m not super impressed with the numbers but, with the exception of the Book Giveaway, I haven’t given you much reason to fan or [...]

3 Rockstar Blogs to Read [March]

I don’t have a blogroll like many blogs because I think they get stale and are usually filled with the usual suspects. But there are still many great blog out there I want to take the time to recommend. With that intent I plan on spotlighting 3 blogs every month that I think you should [...]

The Non-Blog and Dr. M von Vogelhausen

What do you call blogs that aren’t on a blogging platform? I call them non-blogs? I noticed this trend a few years ago when I would discover very active people in the social media space who didn’t have blogs using tools like StumbleUpon and then later FriendFeed for their blog. Not in addition to a [...]

Be More You

Would your company benefit from you sharing your professional insights? Do you have personal goals that would be easier to achieve if you were more visible in the social media space? Would your professional or personal life benefit from being known by others for what you do? I mostly blog about how businesses can use [...]

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