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Q1 2010 NCB Blog Report [Stats]

Facebook StormtrooperGood day stakeholders. At the end of the fiscal year 2009 I reported that this blog was no longer about me. The focus of the blog is serving up great content that ads value to you. This makes all of you my board of stakeholder and as such I want to be transparent with you and share my blog stats and future plans with you.

The blogs stated purpose is :

This blog is dedicated to examining the cataclysmic changes social media is having on business. We’re not trying to predict its future, we’re trying to help create it.

Report Card

The first quarter of 2010 has been our best year yet and March was by far our best month ever.

For Q1 our unique visitors was up 129% and overall site traffic was up 122% over the previous quarter. New visits and time spent on site have all increased. However page visits are down slightly by 2.51% and bounce rate has increased by 0.23%.

March saw over 300% growth year over year in unique visitors and overall site traffic. March 2010 we had over 17,000 page views and over 13,000 unique visitors. As of March 31 we have 2,149 subscribers to our RSS feed.

Also of note; we are currently #69 on the Adage Power 150. And the LEGO pictures we’ve been using for most posts seem to be a hit.

Twitter and related sources (Twitterfeed, Hootsuite, Tweetmeme, etc) and direct traffic (most of which is from Twitter clients like Tweetdeck and Seesmic) are the single largest source of traffic. Organic search is down to only 12% of our over all referring traffic.

Here is a PDF of the March analytics report. Let me know if you’d like the full quarter report.


The New Comm Biz Twitter account has 289 followers and is on 36 lists but right now the account is just a feed with no engagement and only minimal content besides the blog posts. We need to develop a solid strategy for the Twitter account that adds value beyond an alternative to RSS.

The New Comm Biz Facebook page has 184 fans but a significantly higher amount of engagement since the launch of our Drive book giveaway. I am personally much happier with the Facebook page and its direction than the Twitter account. After the Drive book contest we will begin looking for other ways to interact with and add value to our Facebook community.

Bellow you will see our Facebook stats. I am considering doing some  light Facebook advertising to see what kind of an effect this has. We received $100 in free Facebook advertising from a conference so will probably give it a try.

This week I also announced the New Comm Biz Social Newsletter. This will be an interactive newsletter that we mail to readers who sign up. We have even created it’s own dedicated page.

Future Considerations:

Disquss has been a little buggy at time. I like much of it’s functionality and cross platform, community nature, it’s been marking a lot of legitimate people as spam. If things get worse I may switch back to WordPress’ native commenting system. How do you like the current commenting system compared to other blogs you comment on?

At some point if Twitter, Facebook and our list of contributors grows I may look at getting help with community management. If you have any thoughts on this let me know.


With the addition of the Social Newsletter page and the Blog With Us page I have successfully replaced all of my personal content and migrated it to my /tacanderson Posterous blog.

Our most popular posts are posts about Twitter. Not surprising since that’s where most of our traffic comes from. Of our top 10 posts for the month four were about Twitter and contained Twitter in the headline. Two posts were about social business. One post was the original review of the book Drive. The other three were about personal branding, the story of the employee who had to delete his LinkedIn profile and the fictional post I wrote about social media dystopia.

We posted a total of 30 posts in March 28 from myself and two very popular posts from Jason. I feel that Jason’s post have been a great addition to the blog and I am now going to more actively pursue contributors and guest posts. I have added a Blog With Us page and will add more prominent placement to the home page and Facebook page.

If any of you wish to contribute to the blog please send me an email: [email protected]

This post will make the 700th blog post and we currently have 1,658 comments.

My request to you my board of stakeholder I would ask for your guidance and recommendations. The open questions are how to better use Twitter and Facebook to add value to our readers, how we can get more contributors to the blog as well as any other recommendations you may have.

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  • jillanderson

    Tac: “Disquss has been a little buggy at time. I like much of it’s functionality and cross platform, community nature, it’s been marking a lot of legitimate people as spam. If things get worse I may switch back to WordPress’ native commenting system. How do you like the current commenting system compared to other blogs you comment on?”
    Jill: It always seems to work well for me.

  • http://www.newcommbiz.com tacanderson

    Good to know Jill. Thanks for the comment. Been a while since we heard from you. Glad you're still around :)

  • jillanderson

    Ah yes, I'm still here. Been busy but always reading. :-)
    P.S. Kudos on finding Anne McCrossan. I know her from Seth's Triiibes. Smart smart smart.

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