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Early Adopters Are Not Ready To Leave Facebook or Twitter Yet

We’re used to users on Facebook revolting every time they make a change to anything. And recently we’ve started to see dissent towards the ecosystem changes Twitter has started to make. Usually as services move towards the mainstream they start to change in order to accommodate new, more profitable, mainstream users. They usually upset the early [...]

Yet Another 10 Social Media and Tech Predictions for 2011

This is last speculative predictions post you’ll read here for a long while. Promise. This year I’m taking the same format as I did last year, I posted my really big predictions for the next 5 years yesterday and today I’m following it up with a more speculative top 10 predictions for the current year. [...]

3 Steps You Can Take Today To Prevent Social Media Overload

Social media can feel overwhelming. If not managed properly you can quickly fall into the trap of letting yourself feel like no matter how much you read or post there’s always so much more to read and post. Being a social media early adopter I’ve been on most social networks longer than most people have. [...]

Facebook is Trying to Digitize and Extend Your Offline World. Like It or Not.

Last week Facebook announced some major changes to Facebook Groups. First off let’s just realize that anytime Facebook or any major website changes something that a significant percentage of the sites users will complain. People don’t like change and they especially don’t like feeling like they have no control. (I actually think that feelings of [...]

The Love. The Hate. Facebook Groups [10 Links]

I’m working on (what I think is) a pretty great post on Facebook’s new groups feature aptly titled Facebook Groups which kills the old Facebook Groups pages. I’m still doing research and want to spend the weekend playing with the feature some more before I finalize my thoughts and the post. You can read Facebook’s own [...]

Naming Your Children And Managing Their Online Identity In Age Of The Internet

I grew up with two names. My real name and the name everyone has called me my entire life. No Tac Anderson isn’t my given name, but it’s the name everyone but the Government and the banks call me. My real name is Andrew Golden Anderson II. I was named after my dad and instead [...]

Facebook and Google Ready to Battle for the Next Big Revenue Model: Social Payments

Another Piece To Google’s Social Puzzle: To Acquire Jambool For $70 Million http://tcrn.ch/c7YNZB Social Gold gives app developers the ability to build payments directly into their games and other applications. It was founded by Amazon veterans Vikas Gupta and Reza Hussein, and has raised $6 million in funding. Like other payments companies they’ve been hit very hard by Facebook [...]

The Sincerity of Birthday Wishes on Facebook

Is social media making personal moments less personal? This is a question that comes up a lot. I love these kinds of discussions and watching the ways that technology affects our everyday lives. Yesterday was my birthday. Like most people *nearing* <cough> 40 <cough> I don’t think too much of my own birthday’s anymore. I [...]

Forget Domain Names and Microsites, Nike Uses Custom Bit.ly Links and Facebook

In the old days, when you launched a digital campaign you built a microsite with it’s own custom domain name. Now brands are opting for tabs on Facebook Pages but what do you do about domain names? Launching a social media campaign across multiple social networks is seriously a pain point for marketers. There is [...]

Content Hierarchy And The Importance Of Effort

Content and Effort Have you ever been in the paper? You know the actual one made of trees and ink. It’s pretty cool. I’ve even had some of my work written up in a book and even though I wasn’t mentioned by name it was still pretty cool. Being mentioned in a blog post or [...]

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