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Corporate Social Media Backlash: The Virtual Firewall

In December I predicted that over the next 5 years we would see intranets begin to integrate with social networks. I’ve seen some signs recently that this might take longer than I anticipated (but trust me it will happen). The intranet is a metaphor for corporate control. Intranets are secure networks of communication. Employees can [...]

Company Forces Employee to Delete LinkedIn Profile

Be sure to join the New Comm Biz Facebook Page or follow the Twitter account. I received a disturbing email from a friend of mine. I have changed the message and obscured any personal or employer reference for obvious reasons. Due to the recent FINRA (the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Inc) ruling (see below) I will [...]

You Need Your Own Disclosures Page. Here’s How.

If you publish content (whatever that may be) about the industry you work in, I think you have an ethical obligation to disclose any potential conflicts. It is not practical to disclose conflicts of interest in every tweet, blog post, location check in and Facebook status update. You’re going to miss something sometime. So I [...]

How to Manage an Overzealous Manager when Running Social Media

Overzealous Manager It amazes me that, to this day, I run into employees/agencies still trying to convince their managers/clients that they need to be doing social media. (Really? Still?) A more common problem that I run in to (and one I’m more than happy to help with) is that management is on board with social [...]

Will 2010 be the Death of Free and Open?

Image via Wikipedia Arrington, I’m really sorry, this seriously sucks. Mike Arrington can’t get a break. His Last startup, before TechCrunch became his full-time gig, Edgio, DeadPooled 2 years ago and now the CrunchPad joins it’s much older sibling in that same grave almost exactly 2 years later. This is disconcerting to me for a [...]

Just because you can update all your networks at once doesn’t mean you should

Drinking from a fire hose LinkedIn announced that they’re playing nice with Twitter. Status updates can now get posted in both places at the same time. First off, they alreayd could with the right plugin. Second, this is not the right solution. Like many of you, I used to dump my Twitter updates into Facebook. [...]

Conversations as Data: We need new UI

Image by monsieurlam via Flickr This is another one of my thinking/blogging out loud posts so your feedback is appreciated and encouraged. I would also like to note that I am not a programmer and I’m sure my description of databases and UI is laughable to anyone that knows what they’re doing but these analogies [...]

Is there an end in site for companies that raise large VC rounds?

It scars me when I see social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and now Twitter raising large (read huge) follow on rounds. Twitter Raising New Cash At $250 Million Valuation If you raise VC money, you have to have an exit at some point. If you’re raising this kind of money it makes it really [...]

Social Media Is Not A Back Channel

Peter Shankman has a great story about an agency guy that tweets about his distaste for Memphis while visiting FedEx to do some social media training. Oops. He got busted big time. People have a tendency to get comfortable social media. Too comfortable. There’s no shortage of examples where people post incriminating photo’s on their [...]

Death to Social Media and their Experts!!

Normally I hate the whole “Death to/of…is dead” whatever, blog titles but I couldn’t resist. There’s a great article on CNET about the burst of the social media bubble. The particular bubble is the one where every consultant and marketing blogger has been calling themselves “social media experts.” Marketing: Social media’s hidden bubble | The [...]

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