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I Don’t Think I’m Cool Enough For Social Media Anymore

Tech companies are in love with pop stars these days. Twitter recently launched Discover Twitter for their 5th anniversary, pulling on such celebrities as Snoop Dogg. Salesforce.com tapped The Black Eyed Peas to promote Chatter at the Super Bowl. Google recently tapped Lady Gaga for an event called “Google Goes Gaga.” Wow. I’m not that audience. I knew [...]

Facebook and Google Ready to Battle for the Next Big Revenue Model: Social Payments

Another Piece To Google’s Social Puzzle: To Acquire Jambool For $70 Million http://tcrn.ch/c7YNZB Social Gold gives app developers the ability to build payments directly into their games and other applications. It was founded by Amazon veterans Vikas Gupta and Reza Hussein, and has raised $6 million in funding. Like other payments companies they’ve been hit very hard by Facebook [...]

Google gets Pac-Man Fever: Keep it BLEEP BLOOPin simple, stupid:

Google’s logo today is Pac-man.  It’s playable.  You can go to www.google.com right now (assuming you’re reading this on 5/21) and play a custom developed HTML/CSS/JS version of Namco Bandai (our client)’s classic game  Pac-Man based around the Google logo, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the game. They didn’t send out a press release, [...]

Google Buzz: All Content No Conversations?

Following yesterday’s AT&T Buzz.com story I thought I would follow it up with a Google Buzz story. Maybe tomorrow I’ll do a story about Yahoo! Buzz. Ilya Grigorik of PostRank, one of my favorite analytics startups, has a very interesting post about explaining what all the content in Google Buzz actually is. 90% of the [...]

Stickybits is Google Sidewiki for the Real World

The Internet of things is the one of the next big side effects of our always on, always mobile lifestyles. McKinsey recently released a report on the implications of the Internet of things. I saw this coming to life this weekend. At SXSW everyone was given a little packet of stickers. Actually everyone was given [...]

Geeks Tolerate Apple Hypocrisy Until They Mess with Porn

I’ve posted  several times about Apple’s continued hypocrisy and my love/hate relationship with their products. Like most people, I love their design and I’m glad they’re pushing the industry but I have always hated their closed culture and hyper controlling attitude. Full disclosure I used to work at HP (who is now a client). Microsoft, [...]

Search, Discovery and Curation

While @gearheadgal may never speak to me again my post from earlier this week, 3 Reasons Why Social Media is Killing Search, sparked some healthy debate. (BTW debate is a good thing, it’s healthy, respectful and we should all do it more.) In my post I pointed to some recently reported trends that social media [...]

Is Bitly Bigger than Google?

That’s the question I had to ask after seeing this post by John Borthwick with this chart. I recently wrote a post on Bitly’s new search feature. It turns out that’s a bigger deal I thought initially. The chart is about impossible to read but if you look in the upper right hand corner you’ll [...]

PR Needs to Tell More Stories and Pitch Less

Image via Wikipedia There’s a brewing problem. Reporters are strapped an under increasing pressure to compete with bloggers. This results in reporters writing re-tweetable headlines which are sometimes misleading or stories being written with unchecked facts and inaccuracies. The solution, of course, is good journalism. But until the market sorts out the news business there’s [...]

Bloggers Love Self Reflection

I do so enjoy self-reflection. I’d promise this is my last reflective look of 2009 but I’m afraid I’d make a liar out of myself. Off to the right of this blog you’ll see the Top 10 posts according to the WordPress Popularity Contest widget as well as the Top 10 posts according to PostRank. [...]

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