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Google Buzz: All Content No Conversations?

Following yesterday’s AT&T Buzz.com story I thought I would follow it up with a Google Buzz story. Maybe tomorrow I’ll do a story about Yahoo! Buzz. Ilya Grigorik of PostRank, one of my favorite analytics startups, has a very interesting post about explaining what all the content in Google Buzz actually is.

90% of the content in Google Buzz is automated. Between Twitter and imported RSS feeds there is almost no original content in Google Buzz. On one hand that’s probably okay with Google because they’re learning a lot about you. On the other hand with only 10% of the content posted being original content (this would be the actual conversations) it’s hard to imagine Buzz actually surviving as a social network.

Google BuzzBuzz was a pretty big bet by Google. They tied it to one of their flagship products, Gmail, and took a lot of heat over privacy concerns and it even caused legal action against Google. It’s still early in the game and I wouldn’t count Buzz out but Google doesn’t  have a good track record with social networks.

In its prime Friendfeed had all the same data being dumped in to it but there was at least a lot of active conversations happening.  I know I rarely ever use Buzz, what about you?

[Update] What PostRank failed to mention and I assumed was in their data was that PostRank can’t measure  the comments to the content being aggregated into Buzz.  Illya only brought that up in the comments of the post. I never claimed to be a journalist or to check secondary sources but that was still a #FAIL on my part.

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  • http://www.clipotech.com/ svartling

    I don't like all these Buzz hater posts… Buzz is a really awesome conversation and discuss tool. My Buzz is filled with engagement and interaction. So please stop these stupid blog posts and start use Buzz instead of complaining… No one of those who complains actually use Buzz…

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  • http://www.newcommbiz.com tacanderson

    I'm sorry that I seem to have hit a nerve. I for one am not hating, I was discussing some data I had recently read. Also, I'm not knocking Buzz's value as a tool. I AM questioning it's livelihood as a social network if so little of it's content is original. Google doesn't have a good track record with social networking sites. That doesn't mean some people won't use it and that it won't have value but we just saw Google kill several under preforming products last year it's not a stretch to see the same happen to Buzz if it doesn't improve for everyone not just a few power users.

  • http://www.clipotech.com/ svartling

    More and more users are starting to post Native Buzz because problems with commenting on Google Reader Shared Items, so it will be alot more original content on Buzz over time.
    But personally I don't think that is a problem.
    How much original content is it on Twitter?

    It is the discussions about the Buzz posts that is the amazing thing with the service.
    The comments is the original content on Buzz.

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