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Posterous plus PostRank equals Pretty Cool

I love it when I get to talk about how to combine multiple products into something even cooler. This is one such post. This may not be new to some of you but I just figured it out.

Do you use Posterous? (If you haven’t set one up yet email your reason why to [email protected] if you’d like to set one up email the same address.)

Do you subscribe to lots of other Posterous blogs? If you’re like me you do and I get them all in one daily email. I had thought of going through each account and subscribing individually to each post. But that was too much work so I haven’t yet. The problem with the emails is there are too many of them and they aren’t mobile friendly.

The other problem is that people use Posterous like a scrapbook. Not those frilly scrapbooks where people spend hundreds of hours making them into works of art but real scrap books where we keep all our raw thoughts and collections of stuff.

That’s a lot of noise. Good noise but still noise. How do you filter just the good ones?

Fortunately I found a fix to both problems.

You will need FireFox (my stats tell me that’s half of you), Google Reader (the 800 lb gorilla in the feed reader market), and your PostRank account.

If you have all of those go to this address http://www.postrank.com/postrank/firefox and install the FireFox extension. Now go to this address http://posterous.com/reader and subscribe to that feed in Google Reader (assuming you haven’t already).



What you’re seeing is PostRank rankings next to each Posterous post. It’s on a scale of 1.0 to 10.0 and the darker the orange the bigger the number. If I use the drop down menu I can just select to view All, Good, Great or Best. If I’m in a hury this allows me to quickly filter out a certain level of noise and get to the good stuff.

The great thing about the PostRank plugin is that it works with all your Google reader items. But I usually use Feedly to view those if I’m on the Web. (Hey Feedly meet PostRank. PostRank meet Feedly. It would be *really* cool if I could combine those two services.)

And by subscribing to the reader view, anytime I follow a new Posterous account it is automatically added to that feed. Brilliant! Love it.

Photo credit: Tac Anderson

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    Unfortunately, the PostRank Firefox extension is not compatible with the latest Firefox - 3.5.2.

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