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You Need Your Own Disclosures Page. Here’s How.

If you publish content (whatever that may be) about the industry you work in, I think you have an ethical obligation to disclose any potential conflicts. It is not practical to disclose conflicts of interest in every tweet, blog post, location check in and Facebook status update. You’re going to miss something sometime. So I [...]

Bloggers Love Self Reflection

I do so enjoy self-reflection. I’d promise this is my last reflective look of 2009 but I’m afraid I’d make a liar out of myself. Off to the right of this blog you’ll see the Top 10 posts according to the WordPress Popularity Contest widget as well as the Top 10 posts according to PostRank. [...]

Posterous Overtakes FriendFeed, Set to Overtake Delicious.

Image via CrunchBase Posterous has been gaining a lot of attention lately. Most people see it as a great way to fill that gap between a tweet and a blog. Some people see it as a next generation content management systems for the Web. Other people see it as a lifestream. Whatever you want to [...]

Being a Social Media Ninja

I’ve blogged here almost every day but not yesterday. But I did post, A LOT not just here. Why? Well because I was putting into practice some of the things I’ve been talking about here and consulting on with my client. I actually got to get my hands dirty, something I don’t do much of [...]

What the Heck is a Lifestream?

Image via Wikipedia Yesterday at day 1 of BlogWorld, I sat in on Steve Rubel’s presentation on Lifestreaming and business. He had some solid observations and recommendations for businesses to become ubiquitous Online. If you’re familliar with Steve’s blog (if you’re not you need to be) or read this blog regularly then you’re familliar with [...]

How to Blog. A Lot.

Image by Tac Anderson via Flickr I get asked a lot lately how I’m able to blog so much. If you look at the bottom of my right hand column you’ll see I’ve had this blog for ~2 1/2 years. You’ll also see that as of the first of this year, my posting went up [...]

How Do You Prioritize Your Social Media?

Image by luc legay via Flickr I’ve recently received a few inquiries from friends. They’ve noticed that I haven’t been as conversational on Twitter lately. I still highly value the conversations on Twitter I just don’t actively participate as much as I used to. If you’ve read any of my previous posts you know that [...]

Why Would You NOT Blog?

Image by Tac Anderson via Flickr Following yesterday’s post (and months of posts really) about how easy Posterous makes blogging, why would you NOT blog? Seriously it’s so freaking easy? If sending an email is too tough, check out Tumblr. Pulling an RSS feed doesn’t get any easier. Check out my music blog http://tacanderson.tumblr.com/. The [...]

Mobile App Blogging Thanks to Posterous: Regator vs MeeHive vs Byline

If you haven’t noticed, I like Posterous. I think they may have single handedly made email relevant for me again. Here’s my Posterous blog. I also like using tools in ways they weren’t meant to be used. That’s the case with this post. Please note that none of these apps were designed for mobile blogging [...]

Posterous plus PostRank equals Pretty Cool

I love it when I get to talk about how to combine multiple products into something even cooler. This is one such post. This may not be new to some of you but I just figured it out. Do you use Posterous? (If you haven’t set one up yet email your reason why to [email protected] [...]

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