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My Next Step Towards World Domination: Social Media in Europe, The Middle East and Africa

I have been writing here on this site for 4 years and 4 months. If you’ve been reading along for that long (thank you) you will have seen a significant amount of change in my life over those 52 months. For those of you who may be newer to the site and to my life [...]

What I Learned From My Top 10 Blog Posts of 2010 About Writing Good Blog Posts

I’ve been blogging pretty seriously here for about 6 years (4 on this blog) and it always amazes me which posts take off and which ones don’t. Sometimes I’ll pour my heart into a post and it goes nowhere. Sometimes I write some little off the cuff the post and it blows up. Some of [...]

Facebook and Blog Contests Stats

Why do I share so much on this blog? I blog almost everyday and I openly share what I learn here. Some may think that as a “consultant” I would be better off keeping what I learn to myself and only sell it to paying clients. Well if you’re reading this you probably know that’s [...]

Q1 2010 NCB Blog Report [Stats]

Good day stakeholders. At the end of the fiscal year 2009 I reported that this blog was no longer about me. The focus of the blog is serving up great content that ads value to you. This makes all of you my board of stakeholder and as such I want to be transparent with you [...]

What Is Really Motivating You?

I know I’ve already mentioned our first ever book giveaway contest. Drive is really an amazing book and I feel lucky to be giving it away. Hugh Lee was the first winner of an autographed copy of Dan Pink’s, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. We are entering the final days until the [...]

Announcing the New Comm Biz Social Newsletter. We’re going analog baby!

This year has been a busy year for New Comm Biz. We launched the @newcommbiz Twitter account, which has 288 followers, the New Comm Biz Facebook Page, which has 180 fans. I’m not super impressed with the numbers but, with the exception of the Book Giveaway, I haven’t given you much reason to fan or [...]

Traffic vs Engagement vs Influence: Top 10 Posts [August 2009]

It’s been very interesting to do these top 10 posts because it let’s me look at 3 different factors: Traffic: The posts are ranked based on traffic (unique hits) according to Google Analytics. Engagement: How many comments a blog receives is usually considered a level of engagement. Influence: The PostRank scores are meant to judge [...]

Leaving HP. Back to Agency Life.

I have been truly lucky to have had the opportunity to work for such an amazing company at such an amazing time. If you would have told me 5 years ago when I started doing social media that I’d be working at HP, I would have said you were crazy. A) Me at a large [...]

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